Private proxies

Private Proxy

“Money Tree Seed”

Purpose: Long-term individual access to web resources through a static (non-changing) IP address

Advantages: No neighbors (other users using the IP at that moment). Can be used concurrently with any application and on any sites other than those belonging to banned providers.

Disadvantages: High price for each IP

Things to consider:

  • Despite the fact that at a particular moment, you are the only owner of the private proxy, it is possible that the proxy had already been used by someone and is already banned in the target site.
  • Even if the proxy has not been used by anyone before, it may not work in your target site due to the fact that the IP address is in the same subnet as other blacklisted IPs.

Solution: Before you buy, check with the provider whether his proxy works in your target site. This is especially important if you plan to use the proxy for google, facebook, amazon and other tech giants