ActProxy Review and Service Test

ActProxy Review


ActProxy is a relatively newer name in the industry. It quickly gained a market base due to its comparatively cheaper offerings and good customer support, along with a user-friendly interface and order process.  

actproxy start page
actproxy start page

Owned and operated by Alpha Geek Solutions, LLC., ActProxy is registered in Portland and guarantees the best prices for proxies across the entire internet along with an impressive uptime of 99%. 



Services Offered

ActProxy offers its users the option to choose from either HTTP/HTTPS or SOCKS proxies, as per their preference. It offers both dedicated and shared proxies, and the prices of its dedicated proxies are a lot lesser than some of the major players in the market.

Users have an option to choose from the following — IPv4, IPv6, or IPv4 and IPv6 together.

In the case of SOCKS proxies — which are usually compatible with a large base of networks — ActProxy users can use the SOCKS5 connection in addition to the basic SOCKS4 connection.

IPv4 and IPv6

Users can opt for both proxies together, and each proxy plan offers an unmetered bandwidth and a free of cost monthly refresh. The refresh can also be availed of early by paying a nominal amount.

For dedicated proxies, the charge per proxy is $1.30 USD in case of 5 – 49 IPv4 and IPv6 proxies. For instance, if the customer opts to purchase 10 dedicated proxies (IPv4 and IPv6 together), the total amount billed will be $13 USD.

The price per proxy of the dedicated proxies decreases as the number of proxies in the package increase. For the 50-99 package, the price per proxy is $1.20 USD, amounting to $60 USD in case a customer opts to purchase 50 dedicated IPv4 and IPv6 proxies.

The lowest amount per proxy is $0.95, offered in the 800-1000 package. For proxies beyond 1,000, the customer will need to contact the customer service team directly.

For shared proxies, the 5-49 IPv4 and IPv6 package is billed at $0.50 per proxy, which means that if the customer orders 10 number of shared proxies, the amount charged will be $5 USD. Like the dedicated proxies, the price per proxy decreases for the shared proxies as the number increases.

The lowest amount per proxy is $0.29 USD, offered in the 800-1000 package.

All plans offer multiple cities, multiple subnets and ‘round-the-clock customer support with 1Gbps uplink speed.


ActProxy also offers multiple plans under the dedicated IPv6 proxy plan, starting from 10-99 proxies. Each dedicated IPv6 proxy utilizes an entire /64 subnet and also offers unlimited bandwidth.

At $0.35 USD per proxy for 10-99 amount, 30 dedicated IPv6 proxies will be billed at $10.50 USD. The cheapest plan on the list is the 750-1000 amount, in which the price per dedicated IPv6 proxy is reduced to $0.20 USD.

Windows VPS

ActProxy offers virtual private servers for Windows, or Windows VPS, using Microsoft’s Hyper-V technology. This can be very useful for you if you want to run proxies with software that requires Windows as platform, example: Zenno Poster.

All plans under VPS are offered for the Windows Server 2016 (Standard) OS. The 40GB SSD 2GB RAM Windows VPS is priced at a monthly charge of $10, which is lowest priced plan.

The highest package in the category is priced at a monthly charge of $45 USD, which offers 100GB SSD, 16GB RAM and Windows VPS.

Technical Features

ActProxy has become popular among its users due to its simple features and easy-to-use portal. The users have complete control over their proxies through the ActProxy control panel that can be accessed after purchasing a proxy plan and logging in.

User Authentication

ActProxy allows its users to access the proxy through two methods:

  • User ID and password.
  • IP authentication.

Users can log in using either of the two options.


All proxy plans by ActProxy, whether dedicated or shared proxies and IPv4 or IPv6, offered an unmetered connection, and thereby, unlimited bandwidth.

The proxy service provider also guarantees an uplink speed of 1Gbps on all its proxy plans.

More Features

  • Uses HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS proxies.
  • Up to 100 simultaneous connections, or threads, per proxy.
  • Multiple cities for servers.
  • Multiple subnets offered on all IPv4 and IPv6 together packages.
  • Proxy lists that are accessible by APIs.
  • While ActProxy does not block any social media site, it also doesn’t provide any dedicated proxies for these platforms.
  • Users can switch proxies at any time of the billing cycle without waiting for the monthly refresh by paying extra.
  • The proxies do not allow fraud, torrents, mailing or XRumer.
  • The proxies are instantly sent to you post the purchase of the plan, mostly within an hour of the transaction.
  • ActProxy uses Squid as its proxy server application that is compatible with almost all network protocols.
  • Users can authenticate a maximum of 8 IPs per proxy plan.

Proxy Locations

ActProxy proxies service 20 prominent locations spread across the USA, Europe and the UK. The maximum locations covered are in the USA and then Europe. In the UK, ActProxy offers its services in London.

Payment Conditions

The proxy plans offered by ActProxy are covered by the following payment features:

  • The plans are only billed monthly, and not quarterly or half-yearly or yearly.
  • There is no setup cost involved. Each plan comes with a free of cost setup.
  • ActProxy offers a 3-day money-back guarantee on all its proxy plans.
  • It accepts all major modes of payment, including PayPal, debit and credit cards and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stripe and more.

Final Word

ActProxy isn’t the most sophisticated of all proxy service providers in the market, but it is definitely of the easiest to use and the cheapest among its competitors. If you are on a budget and do not need dedicated proxies for classified or restrictive usage, ActProxy is a service provider to be considered.