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Amazon Analysis Scraper Software

7 Most useful tools to scrape data from Amazon | Octoparse

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This article gives you an idea of what web scraping tool you should use for scraping data from amazon.
The list includes small-scale extension tools and multi-functional web scraping software and they are compared in three dimensions: The degree of automation / how friendly the user interface is / how much can be used freely
TOP 7 Amazon Scraping Tools:
Browser extensions:
Data Miner
Web Scraper
Scraper Parsers
Amazon Scraper – Trial Version
Scraping software:
Browser Extensions
The key to an extension is easy to reach. You can get the idea of web scraping rapidly. With rather basic functions, these options are fit for casual scraping or small businesses in need of information in simple structure and small amounts.
Data miner is an extension tool that works on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. It helps you scrape data from web pages into a CSV file or Excel spreadsheet. A number of custom recipes are available for scraping amazon data. If those offered are exactly what you need, this could be a handy tool for you to scrape from Amazon within a few clicks.
Data scraped by Data Miner
Data Miner has a step-by-step friendly interface and basic functions in web scraping. It’s more recommendable for small businesses or casual use.
There is a page limit (500/month) for the free plan with Data Miner. If you need to scrape more, professional and other paid plans are available.
Web Scraper is an extension tool with a point and click interface integrated into the developer tool. Without certain templates for e-commerce or Amazon scraping, you have to build your own crawler by selecting the listing information you want on the web page.
UI integrated in the developer tool
Web scraper is equipped with functions (available for paid plan) such as cloud extraction, scheduled scraping, IP rotation, API access. Thus it is capable of more frequent scraping and scraping of a larger volume of information.
Scraper Parsers is a browser extension tool to extract unstructured data and visualize without code. Data extracted can be viewed on the site or downloaded in various forms (XLSX, XLS, XML, CSV). With data extracted, numbers can be displayed in charts accordingly.
Small draggable Panel
The UI of Parsers is a panel you can drag around and select by clicks on the browser and it also supports scheduled scraping. However, it seems not stable enough and easily gets stuck. For a visitor, the limit of use is 600 pages per site. You can get 590 more if you sign up.
Amazon scraper is approachable on Chrome’s extension store. It can help scrape price, shipping cost, product header, product information, product images, ASIN from the Amazon search page.
Right-click and scrape
Go to the Amazon website and search. When you are on the search page with results you want to scrape from, right-click and choose the “Scrap Asin From This Page” option. Information will be extracted and save as a CSV file.
This trial version can only download 2 pages of any search query. You need to buy the full version to download unlimited pages and get 1-year free support.
Scraping Software
If you need to scrape from Amazon regularly, you may find some annoying problems that prevent you from reaching the data – IP ban, captcha, login wall, pagination, data in different structures, etc. In order to solve these problems, you need a more powerful tool.
Octoparse is a free-for-life web scraping tool. It helps users quickly scrape web data without coding. Compared with others, the highlight of this product is its graphic, intuitive UI design. Worth mentioning, its auto-detection function can save your efforts of perplexedly clicking around with messed-up data results.
Besides auto-detection, amazon templates are even more convenient. Using templates, you can obtain the product list information as well as detailed page information on Amazon. You can also create a more customized crawler by yourself under the advanced mode.
Plenty of templates available for use on Octoparse
There is no limit for the amount of data scraped even with a free plan as long as you keep your data within 10, 000 rows per task.
Amazon data scraped using Octoparse
Powerful functions such as cloud service, scheduled automatic scraping, IP rotation (to prevent IP ban) are offered in a paid plan. If you want to monitor stock numbers, prices, and other information about an array of shops/products at a regular basis, they are definitely helpful.
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ScrapeStorm is an AI-powered visual web scraping tool. Its smart mode works similar to the auto-detection in Octoparse, intelligently identifying the data with little manual operation required. So you just need to click and enter the URL of the amazon page you want to scrape from.
Its Pre Login function helps you scrape URLs that require login to view content. Generally speaking, the UI design of the app is like a browser and comfortable to use.
Data scraped using ScrapeStorm
ScrapeStorm offers a free quota of 100 rows of data per day and one concurrent run is allowed. The value of data comes as you have enough of them for analysis, so you should think of upgrading your service if you choose this tool. Upgrade to the professional so that you can get 10, 000 rows per day.
ParseHub is another free web scraper available for direct download. As most of the scraping tools above, it supports crawler building in a click-and-select way and export of data into structured spreadsheets.
For Amazon scrapers, Parsehub doesn’t support auto-detection or offer any Amazon templates, however, if you have prior experience using a scraping tool to build customized crawlers, you can take a shot on this.
Build your crawler on Parsehub
You can save images and files to DropBox, run with IP rotation and scheduling if you start from a standard plan. Free plan users will get 200 pages per run. Don’t forget to backup your data (14-day data retention).
Something More than Tools
Tools are created for convenience use. They make complicated operations possible through a few clicks on a bunch of buttons.
However, it is also common for users to counter unexpected errors because the situation is ever-changing on different sites. You can step a little bit deeper to rescue yourself from such a dilemma – learn a bit about html and Xpath. Not so far to become a coder, just a few steps to know the tool better.
If the tool is not your thing, and you’re finding a data service for your project, Octoparse data service is a good choice. We work closely with you to understand your data requirement and make sure we deliver what you desire. Talk to Octoparse data expert now to discuss how web scraping services can help you maximize efforts.
Author: Cici
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5 Major Challenges That Make Amazon Data Scraping Painful

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5 Major Challenges That Make Amazon Data Scraping Painful

Amazon has been on the cutting edge of collecting, storing, and analyzing a large amount of data. Be it customer data, product information, data about retailers, or even information on the general market trends. Since Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce websites, a lot of analysts and firms depend on the data extracted from here to derive actionable growing e-commerce industry demands sophisticated analytical techniques to predict market trends, study customer temperament, or even get a competitive edge over the myriad of players in this sector. To augment the strength of these analytical techniques, you need high-quality reliable data. This data is called alternative data and can be derived from multiple sources. Some of the most prominent sources of alternative data in the e-commerce industry are customer reviews, product information, and even geographical data. E-commerce websites are a great source for a lot of these data elements. It is no news that Amazon has been at the forefront of the e-commerce industry, for quite some time now. Retailers fight tooth and nail to scrape data from Amazon. However, Amazon data scraping is not easy! Let us go through a few issues you may face while scraping data from is Amazon Data Scraping Challenging? Before you start Amazon data scraping, you should know that the website discourages scraping in its policy and page-structure. Due to its vested interest in protecting its data, Amazon has basic anti-scraping measures put in place. This might stop your scraper from extracting all the information you need. Besides that, the structure of the page might or might not differ for various products. This might fail your scraper code and logic. The worst part is, you might not even foresee this issue springing up and might even run into some network errors and unknown responses. Furthermore, captcha issues and IP (Internet Protocol) blocks might be a regular roadblock. You will feel the need to have a database and the lack of one might be a huge issue! You will also need to take care of exceptions while writing the algorithm for your scraper. This will come in handy if you are trying to circumvent issues due to complex page structures, unconventional (non-ASCII) characters, and other issues like funny URLs and huge memory requirements. Let us talk about a few of these issues in detail. We shall also cover how to solve them. Hopefully, this will help you scrape data from Amazon successfully. 1. Amazon can detect Bots and block their IPsSince Amazon prevents web scraping on its pages, it can easily detect if an action is being executed by a scraper bot or through a browser by a manual agent. A lot of these trends are identified by closely monitoring the behavior of the browsing agent. For example, if your URLs are repeatedly changed by only a query parameter at a regular interval, this is a clear indication of a scraper running through the page. It thus uses captchas and IP bans to block such bots. While this step is necessary to protect the privacy and integrity of the information, one might still need to extract some data from the Amazon web page. To do so, we have some workarounds for the same. Let us look at some of these:Rotate the IPs through different proxy servers if you need to. You can also deploy a consumer-grade VPN service with IP rotation random time-gaps and pauses in your scraper code to break the regularity of page the query parameters from the URLs to remove identifiers linking requests the scraper headers to make it look like the requests are coming from a browser and not a piece of code. 2. A lot of product pages on Amazon have varying page structuresIf you have ever attempted to scrape product descriptions and scrape data from Amazon, you might have run into a lot of unknown response errors and exceptions. This is because most of your scrapers are designed and customized for a particular structure of a page. It is used to follow a particular page structure, extract the HTML information of the same, and then collect the relevant data. However, if this structure of the page changes, the scraper might fail if it is not designed to handle exceptions. A lot of products on Amazon have different pages and the attributes of these pages differ from a standard template. This is often done to cater to different types of products that may have different key attributes and features that need to be highlighted. To address these inconsistencies, write the code so as to handle exceptions. Furthermore, your code should be resilient. You can do this by including ‘try-catch’ phrases that ensure that the code does not fail at the first occurrence of a network error or a time-out error. Since you will be scraping some particular attributes of a product, you can design the code so that the scraper can look for that particular attribute using tools like ‘string matching’. You can do so after extracting the complete HTML structure of the target page. Also Read: Competitive Pricing Analysis: Hitting the Bullseye in Profit Generation3. Your scraper might not be efficient enough! Ever got a scraper that has been running for hours to get you some hundred thousands of rows? This might be because you haven’t taken care of the efficiency and speed of the algorithm. You can do some basic math while designing the algorithm. Let us see what you can do to solve this problem! You will always have the number of products or sellers you need to extract information about. Using this data, you can roughly calculate the number of requests you need to send every second to complete your data scraping exercise. Once you compute this, your aim is to design your scraper to meet this condition! It is highly likely that single-threaded, network blocking operations will fail if you want to speed things up! Probably, you would want to create multi-threaded scrapers! This allows your CPU to work in a parallel fashion! It will be working on one response or another, even when each request is taking several seconds to complete. This might be able to give you almost 100x the speed of your original single-threaded scraper! you will need an efficient scraper to crawl through Amazon as there is a lot of information on the site! 4. You might need a cloud platform and other computational aids! A very high-performance machine will be able to speed the process up for you! You can thus avoid burning the resources of your local system! To be able to scrape a website like Amazon, you might need high capacity memory resources! You will also need network pipes and cores with high efficiency! A cloud-based platform should be able to provide these resources to you! You do not want to run into memory issues! If you store big lists or dictionaries in memory, you might put an extra burden on your machine-resources! We advise you to transfer your data to permanent storage places as soon as possible. This will also help you speed the process is an array of cloud services that you can use for reasonable prices. You can avail one of these services using simple steps. It will also help you avoid unnecessary system crashes and delays in the process. 5. Use a database for recording informationIf you scrape data from Amazon or any other retail website, you will be collecting high volumes of data. Since the process of scraping consumes power and time, we advise you to keep storing this data in a database. Store each product or sellers’ record that you crawl as a row in a database table. You can also use databases to perform operations like basic querying, exporting, and deduping on your data. This makes the process of storing, analyzing, and reusing your data convenient and faster! Also Read: How Scraping Amazon Data can help you price your products rightSummaryA lot of businesses and analysts, especially in the retail and e-commerce sector need Amazon data scraping. They use this data to make prices comparison, studying market trends across demographics, forecasting product sales, reviewing customer sentiment, or even estimating competition rates. This can be a repetitive exercise. If you create your own scraper, it can be a time-consuming, challenging ever, Datahut can scrape e-commerce product information for you from a wide range of web sources and provide this data in readable file formats like ‘CSV’ or other database locations as per client needs. You can then use this data for all your subsequent analyses. This will help you save resources and time. We advise you to conduct thorough research on the various data scraping services in the market. You may then avail the service that suits your requirements the wnload Amazon Data sampleWish to know more about how Datahut can help in your e-commerce data scraping needs? Contact us today. #datascraping #amazon #amazonscraping #ecommerce #issuewithscraping #retail
Scrape product information from Amazon | Octoparse

Scrape product information from Amazon | Octoparse

The latest version for this tutorial is available here. Go to have a check now!
In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to scrape the product information from
To follow through, you may want to use this URL in the tutorial:
We will enter each detail page of Bluetooth Headphones and scrape the details including the product title, brand, rating, and price.
This tutorial will also cover:
Deal with AJAX for pagination
Here are the main steps in this tutorial: [Download task file here] “Go To Web Page” – to open the targeted web page
Create a pagination loop – to scrape all the results from multiple pages
Create a “Loop Item” – to loop click into each item on each list
Extract data – to select the data for extraction
Start extraction – to run the task and get data
1. “Go To Web Page” – to open the targeted web page
Click “+ Task” to start a new task with Advanced Mode
Advanced Mode is a highly flexible and powerful web scraping mode. For people who want to scrape from websites with complex structures, like, we strongly recommend Advanced Mode to start your data extraction project.
Paste the URL into the “Extraction URL” box and click “Save URL” to move on
Turn on the “Workflow Mode” by switching the “Workflow” button in the top-right corner in Octoparse
We strongly suggest you turn on the “Workflow Mode” to get a better picture of what you are doing with your task, just in case you mess up with the steps.
2. Create a pagination loop – to scrape all the results from multiple pages
Click “Next” button
Click “Loop click next page” on “Action Tips”
Set up AJAX Load for the “Click to paginate” action
applies the AJAX technique to the pagination button. Therefore, we need to set up AJAX Load for the “Click to paginate” action.
Uncheck the box for “Retry when page remains unchanged (use discreetly for AJAX loading)”
Check the box for “Load the page with AJAX” and set up AJAX Timeout as 10 seconds
Click “OK” to save
3. Create a “Loop Item” – to scrape all the items on each page
Click “Go To Web Page” to go back to the first page
When extracting data throughout multiple pages, you should always begin your task building on the first page.
Click the name of the first product on the current page
Click “Select all” on the “Action Tips” panel
Octoparse will automatically select all the links to the detail pages on the current page. The selected links will be highlighted in green while other links to the detail pages will be highlighted in red.
Click “Loop click each element” to create a “Loop Item”
Octoparse will click through each link captured in the “Loop Item”, and open the detail page.
If you want to learn more about AJAX, here is a related tutorial you might need:
Deal with AJAX
4. Extract data – to select the data for extraction
After you click “Loop click each element”, Octoparse will open the detail page of the first hotel.
Click on the data you need on the page
Select “Extract text of the selected element” from the “Action Tips”
Rename the fields by selecting from the pre-defined list or inputting on your own
When the content of the page has already shown out, but it is still loading, you could click the “X” button at the right end of the navigating bar to stop loading.
5. Save and start extraction – to run the task and get data
Click “Start Extraction” on the upper left side
Select “Local Extraction” to run the task on your computer, or select “Cloud Extraction” to run the task in the Cloud (for premium users only)
Here is the sample output. You can see some blank fields in the column “Price”. This is because these products are out of stock and thus they don’t have the price information.
By default, if Octoparse cannot find the element of the defined pattern on the page, the field will be left blank. However, Octoparse may fail to find the element of the defined pattern even if the element needed is shown on the website. If you encounter this problem, here are a related tutorial you might need:
What to do with those blank fields I got in the extracted result?
Happy data hunting!
Was this article helpful? Contact us at any time if you need our help!

Frequently Asked Questions about amazon analysis scraper software

Does Amazon allow scraping?

Before you start Amazon data scraping, you should know that the website discourages scraping in its policy and page-structure. Due to its vested interest in protecting its data, Amazon has basic anti-scraping measures put in place. This might stop your scraper from extracting all the information you need.Oct 27, 2020

Can you scrape Amazon reviews?

Go to Amazon website, Go to any product page. Then right click on page and click “Scrape Reviews from this product” option. It will extract all reviews and ratings of the product and save it as a CSV excel file.Sep 5, 2020

How do I scrape Amazon product data?

Scrape product information from Amazon”Go To Web Page” – to open the targeted web page.Create a pagination loop – to scrape all the results from multiple pages.Create a “Loop Item” – to loop click into each item on each list.Extract data – to select the data for extraction.More items…•Jul 15, 2021

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