BestProxyAndVPN Review and Service Test

BestProxyAndVPN Review

BestProxyAndVPN is a proxy and VPN service provider based in EU, run by Extra Consult SRL with its registered office in Brasov. They only offer dedicated proxy and VPN servers and no shared proxies, with a high speed of 100 Mbps on almost all their servers.

bestproxyandvpn buy proxy
bestproxyandvpn buy proxy

While it offers both HTTPS and SOCKS proxies, users need to switch between the two and cannot use both at the same time. BestProxyAndVPN guarantees an uptime of 99.9%, a significant percentage when going by industry standards.  [toc]

Services Offered

BestProxyAndVPN only offers private servers, both for proxy and PPTP VPN services, which means, once the user purchases a proxy and VPN package, they are the only ones who can use the IP address they bought.

The service provider offers several packages in both domains, proxies and VPNs.

Proxy Plans

The proxy protocol can be switched to either HTTP(S) or SOCKS (4, 4a, or 5) proxy by the user himself through the control panel on the platform, which the user gains access to post the purchase. A dedicated proxy means a static IP is assigned exclusively to one user.

There are several packages that the users can choose from:

  • Package 1: 1 Proxy, $4.99 charged monthly.
  • Package 2: 3 Proxies, $12.99 charged monthly.
  • Package 3: 6 Proxies, $23.99 charged monthly.
  • Package 4: 12 Proxies, $43.99 charged monthly.
  • Package 5: 24 Proxies, $86.99 charged monthly.
  • Package 6: 48 Proxies, $171.99 charged monthly.

There is also a weekly subscription that lets the users buy 1 proxy at $3.49, charged weekly.

All plans offer the users the freedom to change IPs and the locations as per the billing cycle through the control panel on the portal, in the member area. They also offer unmetered bandwidth, super fast servers, high anonymity and a robust customer support.

VPN Plans

The service provider also offers its users 2 packages for PPTP VPN services. It covers the US and the UK through its VPN servers and is available in 4 cities. These are private PPTP VPN servers and the user gains access to an exclusive static IP post the purchase.

Currently, the packages offered are weekly and monthly. The monthly package is priced at $7.97 per month, while the weekly package is priced at $3.97 per week.

Both VPN packages offer:

  • Private dedicated static IP.
  • Option to choose the location from the 4 cities.
  • No censorship.
  • High-speed servers.
  • Unmetered bandwidth.
  • IP change per payment term.

Technical Features

The portal in itself, while not very user friendly due to a complicated and cluttered user interface, does offer guidance to the customers in terms of various how-to video tutorials and a comprehensive FAQ section.

Users can choose their proxy locations once they have purchased a package through the member area on the portal.

Other details to be informed about before going for BestProxyAndVPN are:

  • Users can log in to the proxy server via either of the two methods — username and password or IP authentication.
  • The proxy protocol can be switched between HTTP or SOCKS (compatible with 4, 4a, and 5) proxy by the user through the control panel.
  • Their proxy service offers all types of premium proxies, dedicated proxies, highly anonymous proxies and more.
  • Unmetered connection and unlimited bandwidth.
  • No filtering and no censorship proxy servers.
  • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime.
  • While the portal does not allow for automatic IP refresh, the users are free to change the IPs from the member area once every billing cycle.
  • Limit of 100 simultaneous proxy connections per location.
  • Immediate setup post-purchase, usually within 2 hours of the transaction.
  • No ads displayed.
  • Offers FTP support.
  • No additional software needed.
  • Surpasses any IP restrictions on websites using Silkroad.
  • Allows access to online gaming websites.

Proxy Locations

BestProxyAndVPN offers its private proxies services in 80 cities, spread across 34 countries including the US, UK, India, China, Australia, Germany, Indonesia, South Korea, Chile, Sweden, Switzerland and more. The maximum cities covered are in the US, with over 99 dedicated private proxies per city.

The 30-day average uptime of the dedicated private proxy servers is 99.9%.

The service provider also offers VPN services in 4 cities across the US and the UK. The cities covered in the US are Los Angeles, New York City and Phoenix. In the UK, the services are offered in Rugby.

All 4 cities boast an uptime of 100%.

Payment Conditions

BestProxyAndVPN works on a fixed pricing and has absolutely no hidden charges apart from the ones displayed on the final checkout page. The payment is done on a monthly basis, except for the weekly package.

The service provider allows for a 72-hour refund policy wherein the user can ask for a refund within 72 hours of the purchase, but only for the initial 3 subscriptions via the portal.

The only payment method on the platform is PayPal. Therefore, all customers need to have a working PayPal account to purchase a proxy package from BestProxyAndVPN.


While BestProxyAndVPN guarantees access to all websites and no content filtering and censorship, it does have a few restrictions in place.

  • Usual subscriptions do not allow the IP access to Ticketmaster.
  • Under their anti-SPAM policy, their proxy servers have blocked all mail ports.
  • No access to bulk email software that uses the 25, 465, and 587 ports.
  • There is no guarantee that the proxy server will work on Craiglist since there have been many customers who have experienced restricted access to the website.

While there are no specific websites blocked or restricted by BestProxyAndVPN, they do place strict restrictions on any SPAM activity and instantly ban accounts that generate any complaints.

Final Word

BestProxyAndVPN is focused on the privacy of its customers, therefore, it provides only dedicated private proxies with a high level of anonymity. They have a 24×7 customer support to solve your queries and also feature a lot of helpful material on their website.

For a user looking for a private proxy portal along with a dedicated VPN service as well, BestProxyAndVPN is a good option to be considered.