Custom Proxy For Telegram

Custom Proxy For Telegram

How to use Telegram’s in-built proxy feature – Dignited

Telegram is one the most popular messaging Apps in the world. In March 2018, Telegram stated that it had a staggering 200 million monthly active users worldwide. Even though that’s a far cry from Whatsapp’s 1 billion users, Telegram has a strong userbase of loyal users who use it on a daily basis. If you are regular reader of this site, you should know we make up part of that userbase for reasons we have stated earlier.
One of the great features that Telegram has is support for Proxy servers. Coming out of Russia where the government cabs on freedom of speech and censors part of the internet, Telegram unlike other messaging apps was built with security and privacy in vertisement – Continue reading below
As we have discussed before, a proxy hides your IP by connecting to a blocked resource online from another country on your behalf just like a VPN. The difference is that the connection is not encrypted which means there’s still a possibility of your ISP or anyone in the middle spying on what you do online. But, if your concern is merely accessing a blocked resource, then a proxy has an advantage that it doesn’t slow down your internet connection and doesn’t require additional apps to be installed on your phone or PC.
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For countries where Telegram is blocked, you can simply use the App’s in-built proxy support to bypass the blockage. Simply go to Settings > Data and Storage > Proxy settings > Add proxy. Here you can specify the server IP, port, username and password.
telegram proxy settings
If this is too much trouble for you, you can simply use Telegram awesome proxy bots that automatically generate login credentials and select the right server for you. You can for instance try out or simply click this link. Better still, you can checkout this Free Proxy channel which maintains a list of Free Telegram Proxies you can use.
Once the proxy is on, you will see a shield icon on the top menu bar.
Alternatively you can also checkout this channel. They keep an updated list of MTProto compatible proxies. You simply have to choose one and test it out. All you have to do is select “MTProto” on the proxy type, enter the IP, Port and secret provided by one the choices listed.
Since telegram is by default blocked by your ISP, you want to access it via telegram web on a browser such as Opera with a VPN or you can simply use one of the VPN apps on your phone. Once you have setup Telegram to run via Proxy, you no longer need a VPN.
To turn off the proxy, simply go to Settings > Data and Storage > Proxy settings > Use Proxy. Tap on the slider on the right to turn on/off the proxy.
Telegram supports two kinds of Proxy protocols; Socks5 and MTProto. MTProto supports HTTP, HTTPS, TCP, UDP, FTP network protocols. It supports also supports AES-256 encryption. SOCKS5 proxy protocol is compatible with all kinds of Internet traffic, including POP3 and SMTP for emails, FTP for uploading files to websites, and P2P.
So next time you find you are behind a firewall or country that blocks Telegram, remember to always use the in-built proxy feature.
How to Set Up SOCKS5 Proxy on Telegram for Android

How to Set Up SOCKS5 Proxy on Telegram for Android

In this tutorial we will show you how to set up Proxy on Telegram for Android but first let’s see what are our requirements.
In order to set up the Proxy on Telegram for Android you will need:
A CactusVPN account. If you don’t have one you can try our services for Proxy username, password and Proxy server address. You can find them in your account on our website, by going to Settings.
Go step-by-step through following instructions:
Open Telegram.
Swipe right to expand the menu and tap on Settings (1).
Tap on Data and Storage (2).
Scroll down and tap on Proxy Settings (3).
Tap on Add Proxy (4).
Select SOCKS5 (5).
In the Server field (6) type the IP address of the proxy server you want to use and in the Port field (7) type 1080.
You can find IP addresses of all our servers in your account on our website, by going to Settings.
If you don’t have a CactusVPN account, you can try our services for free for 3 days.
Type your VPN / Proxy username and password (8).
You can find your VPN username and password in your account on our website, by going to Settings -> VPN Username & Password. Make sure you use your VPN username and password and NOT the website account credentials (What is the difference? ).
Tap on Save icon (9) to save the changes.
Make sure you enable options Use proxy (10) and Use proxy for calls (11).
VPN and Smart DNS Services
Protect online privacy, secure your connection and access blocked websites
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How to setup a Telegram socks5 proxy with TorGuard

How to setup a Telegram socks5 proxy with TorGuard

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Frequently Asked Questions about custom proxy for telegram

How can I use proxy in Telegram?

Go step-by-step through following instructions:Open Telegram.Swipe right to expand the menu and tap on Settings (1).Tap on Data and Storage (2).Scroll down and tap on Proxy Settings (3).Tap on Add Proxy (4).Select SOCKS5 (5). … Make sure you enable options Use proxy (10) and Use proxy for calls (11).

How can I change Telegram proxy?

To set up a proxy server on Telegram, users can head over to the Settings and choose Data and Storage. In here, scroll down till you find the Proxy Settings panel, where you can turn it on and enter your server’s details.Jan 21, 2021

What is the best proxy for Telegram?

There are proxies that communicate with different websites. You can get an HTTP or HTTP(S) proxy, and those are able to communicate with most websites. The SOCKS5 type of proxy is the best one for Telegram because it works better with mobile devices anyway.

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