FineProxy Review

FineProxy is one of the cheapest proxy service providers in the industry. Registered in Estonia, FineProxy was established in 2011 and has been in business ever since.


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FineProxy boasts of multiple packages to suit everyone’s requirements at extremely affordable prices. They are present in multiple locations and have a solid customer support system due to which they have over 30,000 satisfied customers.


Services Offered



FineProxy uses 100% L1 elite servers to ensure maximum anonymity and offers both shared and private IPs. There are different sub-packages under these broader sections and all use static IPs.


It has its own data center in Russia, along with using numerous more data centers located in the U.S, Europe and Asia, resulting in a pool of over 400 servers.


Shared Proxies

Shared proxies offered by are used by multiple users simultaneously. Also, these contain IP addresses from over 70 countries. Even under the shared proxies, the packages offered are divided into two sub-categories:


  • Mixed packages including IP addresses of multiple countries.
  • Non-mixed packages including IP addresses of one single country.


Here are the various packages you can choose from under the shared proxies category.


Standard Shared Proxy

The standard shared proxy server packages are the mixed-type package and include 3,000 IPs from several countries.


  • Russia 3,000 IPs Package

This includes just Russia based locations and costs $100 for 30 days and $50 for 10 days.


  • Europe 3,000 IPs Package

This includes IP locations in multiple countries in Europe, including Germany, the UK, France and many more. The cost is $100 for 30 days and $50 for 10 days.


  • America Mix 3,000 IPs Package

The locations include a mix of countries from South America, Canada and North America. The cost is $100 for 30 days and $50 for 10 days.


  • USA 3,000 IPs

This package only has cities from the USA and costs $100 for 30 days and $50 for 10 days.


Mini Shared Proxy

Mini shared proxy is also a mixed package which includes various countries in a single package of 1,000 IPs.


  • Russia 1,000 IPs

This includes only Russian locations (Moscow and Irkutsk) and costs $40 for 30 days and $20 for 10 days.


  • Europe 1,000 IPs

This includes IPs from several European countries including Germany, Italy, Iceland, Norway, etc. and costs $40 for 30 days and $20 for 10 days.


  • America Mix 1,000 IPs

The 1,000 IPs offered in this package are located in several North and South American countries along with Canadian cities. The cost is $40 for 30 days and $20 for 10 days.


  • USA 1,000 IPs

This package includes IPs in about 10 cities in the USA. The price of the package remains $40 for 30 days and $20 for 10 days.


Maxi Shared Proxy Servers

These packages include countries and cities from all over the world and the prices differ on the basis of the number of IPs provided. There are 3 types of Maxi shared proxy packages offered by FineProxy:


  • Lite

This package offers 5,500 IPs with locations spread all over the world including Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia. The price is $120 for 30 days and $60 for 10 days.


  • Power

This package offers 15,000 IPs with servers spread across different continents. The price is $400 for 30 days and $200 for 10 days.


  • Exclusive

The ‘exclusive’ package offers 25,000 IPs, with locations all over the world, at a price of $999 for 30 days. There is no option to purchase a 10-day subscription.


Micro Shared Proxy

Micro shared proxy is the non-mixed package type, which means that the IP addresses are located only in one country. This category offers the following packages:


  • USA

The USA package offers 5 proxies with only US-based IP addresses. The price is $12 for 30 days and $6 for 10 days.


  • Russia

The Russia package offers 70 proxies with IP addresses based only in Russia. The price is $30 for 30 days and $15 for 10 days.


  • CIS

The CIS package includes 350 IP addresses based in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Moldova. The price is $30 for 30 days and $5 for 15 days.


Private Proxies

Private proxies are all allotted from the pool of private IP addresses and are exclusively used by one single user forever.


The private proxy packages include IP addresses from the following countries:


  • Russia
  • The USA
  • Ukraine
  • Germany


The cost per IP for private proxies for these locations is $5 for 30 days.


Technical Details

FineProxy offers a host of options to choose from depending on the location preference and the number of proxies needed. Apart from that, here are a few features to know about before taking the call.


  • The proxies use HTTP, HTTPS and SOCKS (4, 4a and 5) protocols.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and unmetered connection.
  • FineProxy owns several thousands of subnets.
  • Highly anonymous, elite IPv4 addresses.
  • Uses IP addresses for authentication.
  • No limit on the number of connections at the same time.
  • Offers API integration.
  • Data center hosted proxies, therefore, the proxies remain unchanged during the subscription period.


Proxy Locations



The private proxy servers of FineProxy are located in 4 different countries — USA, Russia, Ukraine and Germany.


In terms of shared proxies, the IP addresses allotted are from all over the world in the mixed packages, including Asia, Africa and Australia.


The service provider has over 400 servers spread across several data centers in America, Europe, Russia and Asia.


Payment Conditions

The portal allows payment through the following methods:


  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin
  • Webmoney
  • ePayments


While PayPal offers instant payment, to use other methods you’d need to contact their customer support.


FineProxy also has a discount-based pricing in case of renewal of subscriptions. For instance, for a private proxy package priced at $5 for 30 days, the next payment will be discounted by 20% in case the subscription is renewed for another 30 days, effectively resulting in the price of the proxy as $4.


It also offers a no questions asked refund period of 48 hours. In case you are not satisfied with the services, you can cancel your order and ask for a refund from FineProxy.


There is also an option to switch to a different package than the one purchased within the first 24 hours of the transaction.





The proxies provided by will not work on mailing ports 25, 465, 587 to prevent spamming.


There is no guarantee of the proxies working for sneaker sites as well, along with InstaZood, GetinFame and other cloud bots. Apart from that, there is no restriction to access any websites placed by FineProxy.


The Final Word

FineProxy is a tried and tested proxy service provider and has been churning out satisfied customers for about 8 years. It has a wide array for offers to suit every need and it also guides the users on how to choose a share proxy package so that they do not get duplicate proxies by calculating the optimum combinations.


The proxies provided by FineProxy are data center hosted and work on absolute anonymity, only using the elite IPv4 addresses. For anyone looking at a secure and super-fast shared or dedicated proxy service provider, FineProxy is indeed, a ‘fine’ choice.