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is a Fastest & Free Online Web Proxy Server. You can use our web proxy to access, unblock any blocked sites instantly. With our Free Proxy service, you can bypass any school, college, office firewall filters and yet maintaining 100% Anonymous and Secure connection to your favorite blocked website. We always use best server to host our Proxy Websites so that user can enjoy full speed browsing Experience. The best Anonymous Proxy Server you can use who you care user experience! Remember to bookmark us and to tell your friends.
With the advancement in the field of computer technology and especially in that of the area of internet and its sub divisions, more and more people have flocked to check out and ultimately become regular users of this facility. They become part of an ever-growing number of what we call the “internet audience” and according to the latest and most critically acclaimed statistics, the number of people who now have access and are using the internet as of 2015 are about 3. 2 Billion! This is a huge number comparing with the fact that the total population of the world is no more than 7 Billion today.
With this added traffic over the World Wide Web, anonymity and privacy has now become commodities of paramount importance. The term “Hacker” is not unbeknownst to anyone in this day and age. There are people and organizations out there whose sole purpose is to steal your identity over the internet for their own personal motives. This can lead from the mere prank to public humiliation whether it be sexual, monetarily or personally. Bearing this in mind there are hundreds of thousands of softwares and websites that claim to rid you of such nuisance. These are termed as proxy softwares or proxy websites and is also falls under this category.
Why Do People Need Free Proxy Server (or) Free Proxy Sites?
As mentioned earlier, the primary service that proxy websites provide is privacy and anonymity to their users so they feel more secure and can surf and browse the internet more freely and casually. But some other purposes of being active users of proxies are listed below:
1. Unblock blocked Content:
One of the primary motives behind the ever-growing use of proxy websites and proxy servers is to try and unlock the content of the internet which is blocked by the higher authorities of where you are hailing from! Governments and Telecommunication authorities can sometimes block certain type of content on the internet and hence the whole section of the world which falls under their control loses accessibility to those parts of the web. Proxy websites like the help to bypass these locks and unblock all content available on the internet right down to the last website. Certain websites that may not be in the country’s interest can be easily accessed which would have been otherwise blocked as well as websites containing pornographic content. Pornography and its related websites are banned in a number of countries of the world but with the help proxy websites, you can easily unblock all of these websites.
2. Anonymous Browsing:
Another purpose of using proxy websites, as explained earlier is to protect ones identity on the internet and remain anonymous and private while surfing the World Wide Web. Websites like the hide your true identity under a mask formed by an identity provided to you by the website so you need not to worry about hackers or trackers that may want to destroy your image.
3. By Pass Firewalls:
If you are a university or a college student then you must have come across this scenario more than once that your institute restricts online traffic to only a number of study related websites like “Wikipedia” and simple google research. These are called firewalls and they sort of work the same way like blocking content on a national level but these can also be easily by passed by the use of such proxies giving you unlimited internet connectivity anywhere, any place and anytime!
4. Web Development:
Proxies also serve as powerful tools when it comes to web developments and activities related to this field. If you are a web developer and have changed some things about your website but you cannot see the changes being reflected upon regular browsing then you can make use of to gain access to the modified version of your website very easily and freely.
Why Free Proxy Server
As mentioned earlier, there are hundreds of thousands of such websites as well as software’s that can be used to gain access to all the advantages that come with proxy surfing, but here just a few points that make stand out from the crowd as one of the best proxy websites out there on the internet:
Unlike other websites, we don’t fill our pages with ads that keep popping up onto the screen causing a hindrance for the user as well as a degree of difficulty. We also make use of ads but not in the way that other websites do! We don’t make them flash on your screen randomly just to annoy you!
As mentioned just now, our website is free of all sorts of popups which would make your user experience crappy and full of nuisance. We don’t show any pop ups on your screen so you can browse in peace.
URL bar:
Some proxy websites on the internet just hide the URL bar when the used comes into contact with them for some reason. As we all know, the URL bar is one of the most important bars on any web page as it allows for easy surfing all over the web. does not do that and we display everything right in front of the user to make the experience all the more enjoyable for them.
Our proxy site is powered by high end servers at the back end of the transmission which ensures that you get a regular speed of surfing whatever be the time of the day that you are using our website. We ensure no lags, no buffering and no limitation of speed to any and all users who use our websites.
Another advantage that the has over regular proxy softwares is the fact that it requires no installation and hence need not to be wasted any time upon. Just go the URL: and type in the URL you want to use, click GO! And start surfing…
After reading the above mentioned description, we hope you would choose for all your anonymous online browsing.
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With our free web proxy we allow you to easily access any blocked website and surf the internet anonymously. Trusted by million users all over the globe.
Bypass online blocks to access foreign content like a local. Get to websites back home when you are abroad. And bypass government or workplace censorship.
Private Browsing
Our web proxy uses SSL () to encrypt the internet traffic. That means you stay private and secure from spying eyes. This proxy site hides your real IP address and we will not expose your digital identity to the websites you want browse. Protect your personal data from spying by your ISP and hide your IP address.
High Speed Browsing
has lightning fast servers. You can stream videos without buffering and waiting time. Click on a video and it starts instantly. By browsing with our free web proxy you will not have any speed limitations or long load times.
Unblock Any Site
We can unblock any website and you are able to access any blocked website from around the world without any limitations or restrictions. Bypass restricted websites and get access to foreign content like a local visitor. Unblock government or workplace censorship like a pro. - Free Web Proxy Site – Free Web Proxy Site

Protect your online privacy nowProtect Your PrivacyRoute web pages through to keep others from checking on you and monitoring your web speed, more securityView web pages fast through our gigabit network, and keep your surfing safe with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) AccessGet connected from anywhere, to anywhere. keeps people connected and makes information accessible worldwide. FacebookDon’t wait until the workday’s over to see new photos and updates. Connect through our TubeWith you can relax and watch the latest videos in high definition ’t let your boss or government block you from your favorite sites. When you connect to a website through our web proxy, you aren’t actually connecting to the website you’re viewing. will connect to the website and pass it back along to you. No matter if the destination website is secure (SSL) or not, we will pass everything back to you over an encrypted SSL connection. Let us help you browse the sites you want without worrying about those pesky you do on the Internet is nobody’s business but yours. At, we stand between your web use and anyone who tries to sneak a peek at it. Instead of connecting directly to a website, let us connect to the website and send it back to you, and no one will know where you’ve been. Big Brother (or other, less ominous snoops) won’t be able to look over your shoulder and spy on you to see what you’re reading, watching or saying.

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