How To Get A Bot For Snkrs App

How To Get A Bot For Snkrs App

Best bots for Nike SNKRS : r/shoebots – Reddit

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I’m new to using bots and I really need the new beginning air Jordan 1s. I know nike SNKRS is really “ruthless” when it comes to bots. Just tell me any boy that has a high success rate, and won’t get band. Since I don’t want to lose any moneyThis thread is archivedNew comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast
level 1Ghost SNKRS just put out an update 2 days ago, if zruss was able to fix anti filtering then this should be the best bot for 1you click buy and hope for the best. SNKRS is hard to trick with bots. You will get flagged and you won’t even know it. Just never going to get the shoe you wantlevel 1If you are only really looking for the New Beginnings AJ1 then I would recommend you enter via the app on your phone and if you take an L, just buy them off GOAT or StockX. Nike is a very expensive investment that is risky and requires a lot of Nike accounts in order to guarantee success. The investment is more expensive than the shoes will be on the resale 2What a stupid ass reply. Pussy ass bitch promoting StockX and Goat, this guy is obviously no help. He’s looking out for himself. Sounds like a bitch ass reseller. You need to fuck off scrublevel 1Better Nike bot or ghost snkrs(not phantom) are good. Bnb is still in stock and ghost you can get safely from botbroker. And you need Nike accounts that are good standings and verified which you can source 1 · 2yModeratorno snkrs bots have high success rate because they haven’t worked in months. Ghost just put out an update but there’s no proof of it working. Your accounts will still get banned though no matter what you 1 · 2yTheShitBot and maybe Ghost (ghost pushed a new update but there haven’t been any drops”level 1Nike is hard on bots, and no bota have really seen huge success other than Ghost. Your best bet is to get your hands on Spoof browser and some verified Nike Accts. Spoof will allow you ti multiple Accts to enter sneaker 1The shit bot is currently the only working snkrs bot. But they still can easily filter your Nike accounts. Most Nike accounts you buy are fresh account meaning it’s easy for the filtration system to detect untrained accounts. Just like how footapps works, just depends on how “loyal” and how long you really had that account for to boost your chances of 1Ghost put out a update but no confirmed on success yet. The shit bot success is manipulating cos they include other region snkr, like Mexico. The best and safe way to enter accounts is via spoof browser. Keep in mind Nike has probably the best bot protection akami so even though bot might have a patch that works, it might not be long lasting until Nike bans againlevel 1I have TSB dm me if you want itlevel 1 · 2yghost snkrs and theshitbotlevel 1The shit bot is really good for snkrs prob the best one atm. But if you’re looking for a Shopify bot for cheap I have balko lmklevel 1I’ve seen a few people mention TheShitBot, but has anyone seen any real success from it? The same goes for Ghost’s new anti-filtration update. SNKRS bots aren’t viable anyway, as there are more expenses than a regular bot, but if you really need to run a SNKRS bot, go with Ghost or BNB.
Nike Says Bots Cannot Get Exclusive SNKRS Access


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Nike Says Bots Cannot Get Exclusive SNKRS Access

Just last month, Nike revealed that the SNKRS app would be receiving an update for its Exclusive Access launch model coming this Summer 2021. The brand recently shared additional details that showed users how they can receive access on Nike’s most coveted drops outside of the regular launch dates.
The brand emphasized that its goal is still to provide its members with access to the most exclusive products. However, content engagement is a must in order to be notified of any upcoming drops. Users are encouraged to tune into SNKRS Live sessions as ways that will help them increase their chances of gaining exclusive access.
Nike also confirmed that bots will not do anything to help users get greater chances. Using a bot to set up multiple accounts or tap on buttons will in fact get the users blocked from launch access. It is to be acknowledged that it is not something new for Nike to give its members Exclusive Access. The brand reminds fans that those who are lucky enough to receive exclusive access still might not be able to purchase the shoe in their preferred size due to limited releases.
The Swoosh brand recently confirmed that Virgil Abloh‘s upcoming 50-sneaker Off-White x Dunk collection will exclusively drop through SNKRS.
In other footwear news, take your pick at who had the best on-court kicks in Game 1 of the NBA 2021 Finals.
Nike Says Bots Will Not Help Anyone Get Exclusive Access to SNKRS
NIKE SNKRS BOT - Another Nike Bot

NIKE SNKRS BOT – Another Nike Bot

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