IPFreelyProxies Review

IPFreelyProxies Review

IPFreelyProxies is a U.S based proxy service provider and only provides private, dedicated proxies to users. It boasts of its proxies being highly anonymous and compatible with all platforms like Facebook, Scrapebox, Pinterest and Ticketmaster, among many more websites.

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The proxies offered by IPFreelyProxies are fast and secure and guarantee a high-performance experience. When it comes to the website, the user interface isn’t as clean as what you’d like it to be. It conveys the important information, however, there’s too much text and it can get complicated for the users to locate the answers to their questions.

Services Offered

IPFreelyProxies is a provider of private, exclusive U.S. based proxies. They are vehemently against using shared proxies and absolutely do not engage in any selling or reselling of shared proxies to avoid any scrapped or degraded proxies from falling in their pool.

Currently, the packages offered by IPFreelyProxies are all for private proxies that use elite anonymity for secure browsing. The minimum number of proxies that need to be purchased is 20 and all packages offer 10% more proxies on the original number.

IPFreelyProxies, like the other service providers, follows a tier-based pricing structure, where the price per proxy decreases as the number of proxies purchased increases.

The proxy service provider offers the following packages:

  • 20 IPs plus 2 IPs at $33.60 per month with the price per proxy at $1.53.
  • 30 IPs plus 3 IPs at $50 per month with the price per proxy at $1.51.
  • 50 IPs plus 5 IPs at $80 per month with the price per proxy at $1.45.
  • 100 IPs plus 10 IPs at $144 per month with the price per proxy at $1.44.
  • 200 IPs plus 20 IPs at $268 per month with the price per proxy at $1.30.
  • 253 IPs plus 26 IPs at $328 per month with the price per proxy at $1.21.
  • 400 IPs plus 40 IPs at $500 per month with the price per proxy at $1.13.

All packages include multiple subnets and premium quality, high-speed private proxies.

IPFreelyProxies also offers exclusive Ticketmaster proxies. They can be purchased by directly sending a request to their support team and placing an order. The usual private proxies might not work on ticketing websites.

There are also dedicated Instagram and Pinterest proxies, offering the same packages like the ones mentioned above for the private proxies.

Technical Features

  • Proxies provided are compatible with HTTP, HTTPS and FTP protocols and not SOCKS.
  • There is no option to use username and password as a method of authentication. Only IP whitelisting is allowed to authenticate the proxies.
  • The client and IP management system used to manage the proxies is an advanced and easy-to-use panel.
  • The proxies are delivered and setup instantly after the order is placed, usually within minutes.
  • You can get fresh proxies allotted to your account on a monthly basis by opting for the monthly randomization of proxies at the time of placing your subscription or changing it later through your account. This allows for monthly automatic allotment of random proxies without any manual effort.
  • There are no ads displayed while using the service provider.
  • The IPs offered are non-sequential.
  • Superfast quad-core Intel servers that work on a gigabit network.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • There is no limit on the number of threads but it recommends using lower connections to maintain the high speed of the server.

Proxy Locations

All proxy servers provided by IPFreelyProxies are based in California. There are no other locations offered and the service provider does not disclose the exact locations of the servers in the U.S.

Payment Conditions

The proxy service provider only accepts payments via Paypal and has an extremely strict no-refund policy. It makes extremely clear on its website that under no circumstances would it offer any refunds since it already lists out the cases where its proxies might not work or might be slow.

If you want to cancel your subscription, you need to login to your Paypal account and then cancel the subscription under the name of ‘Wholesale1000’ with the email address as [email protected].

There is no option to upgrade your package. In case you need to upgrade the account, you’ll need to buy the new package and cancel the subscription for the old package, which will run till the end of your original subscription period.

Unlike other service providers, IPFreelyProxies only offers monthly subscriptions and there is no option to switch the billing cycle to quarterly, semi-annually or annually.


The private proxies offered by IPFreelyProxies work fine on all websites like Facebook, Scrapebox, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, Ticketmaster, Instagram, Amazon and many others.

However, the proxies are blocked for usage on the Nike website. The proxies are also restricted to access any site that needs geolocation permission like Craigslist since IPFreelyProxies does not reveal its servers’ locations in any situation.

The proxies can’t be used on port 25 and as per recent changes, for any web mailing purposes as well due to multiple spam reports. XRumer is also banned for use on IPFreelyProxies servers.

The Final Word

IPFreelyProxy has some strict refund policies in place and does not offer any test proxies for trials.

However, its services are competitive in terms of the quality of the private of the proxies provided and the fast customer service. The proxies work on almost all social media websites and SEO software, making it a good option for marketers.