Luminati Review


Luminati Review


Luminati is a leading name among proxy service providers. It was founded in 2014 and is based in Israel. Initially, it offered virtual routing services. More features were added over time and in 2017 the company was taken over by EMK Capital based in the United Kingdom.


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Luminati has one of the most extensive residential IP proxy networks among proxy service providers with over 35 million residential IPs in its peer-to-peer network. It also serves large corporations and not just individuals, emphasizing on their credibility and quality.


Services Offered


Luminati offers datacenter proxies, residential proxies as well as mobile proxies.


DataCenter Proxies



Datacenter proxies offered by Luminati are spread across data centers present in multiple countries. Both shared and dedicated private proxies are offered under this category.


For shared proxies, the plans start from as little as $0.5 per month for 1GB traffic. The plans are based on the data limit, with the highest data size being 1000GB priced at $500 per month. Every additionally shared proxy will cost the user $0.5. The shared proxies are allotted from a vast pool of 150,000 shared IPs spread across 87 countries.


For the dedicated proxies, there is an option to choose unlimited bandwidth or a fixed bandwidth and the price accordingly varies. The dedicated proxies are provided from data center providers providing non-sequential exclusive IPs. 1 IP is priced at $0.6 per month and with 1 GB of traffic, the total cost per month for 1 dedicated IP is $0.7. Unlimited bandwidth is available in case of a minimum of 50 dedicated IPs.


50 dedicated IPs with unlimited bandwidth costs $55 per month. 100 dedicated IPs with unlimited bandwidth costs $110 per month. For high volume users, the highest plan is for 100,000 IPs that costs $110,000 per month with unlimited bandwidth.


Residential Proxies

Residential proxies provided by Luminati are one of the highest quality proxies in the market. Both shared and dedicated proxies are offered and with all cable, DSL as well as home internet connections. The private proxies are geo-targeted by country while in case of shared proxies there is an option to choose between countries and cities.


The minimum monthly limit that needs to be purchased is 40GB in a package. The 40GB plan is priced at $500 per month and every additional GB of traffic is charged at $12.5. For 100 GB traffic, the price is $1,000 per month and additional traffic is charged at $10 per GB. The highest package in case of shared proxies offers 50,000 GB of data limit and is priced at $100,000 per month with every additional GB being charged $2/GB.


The dedicated proxies packages start with a minimum of 50 IPs and a 40GB data limit. The plan is priced at $530 per month and additional traffic is charged at $12.5/GB. 100 IPs are priced at $60 per month and the total cost of the package with 40GB data limit is $560 per month.


The highest package of 100,000 IPs with 50,000GB bandwidth is priced at $160,000 per month.


The residential IPs are allotted from a pool of over 30 million proxies.


Mobile Proxies

Luminati is one of the few service providers that also provides mobile proxies. In this category as well there are both shared and dedicated proxies. The mobile proxies are allotted from a network of over 2 million proxies and with either a 3G or 4G internet connection.


The shared mobile proxies start at 16GB bandwidth priced at $500 per month. Every additional GB in this package is charged at $30. The next plan, 35GB bandwidth is priced at $1,000 per month and charges $25 per additional GB of traffic. The highest package in this category is 2,000 GB bandwidth which is priced at $30,000 per month and charges $20 per additional GB of traffic.


The dedicated mobile proxies start at 50 IPs with 16GB of bandwidth which is priced at $530 per month. The price per GB reduces as the bandwidth increases and the number of IPs bought are more.


Technical Features



  • 99% network uptime guaranteed.
  • Superfast proxy server.
  • Few plans offer unlimited bandwidth while others have a data limit users can choose.
  • Users can get Luminati proxies through API as well in different modes and languages.
  • Specific browser extension available for Chrome.
  • HTTP and HTTPS proxies provided.
  • The Luminati architecture has an inbuilt IP rotation layer.
  • No limit on the number of threads or the number of devices you can connect.


Proxy Locations


The Luminati network is spread in 223 countries and 26,846 cities. The users can get IPs in any country and any city when they choose one of the packages from the data centers or residential proxies.



The main locations where Lumanti proxies are available are:


  • Brazil
  • India
  • Germany
  • Japan
  • China
  • Italy
  • Canada
  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Spain


While choosing the package, the user can customize it by choosing the location of their choice.


Payment Conditions

Luminati offers a free 7-day trial period to its users to test the proxies and the service before finally purchasing a package.


The only payment method being accepted by the portal currently is a credit card or PayPal. Unlike other proxy service providers, the packages are based on the bandwidth required by the users and not the duration of the package. The billing amount is charged every month on the 1st.


The Final Word

Luminati is one of the more sophisticated and high-end proxy service providers in the industry and is meant for users with a higher volume of bandwidth. The cost is higher than the usual players in the market and is, therefore, mostly preferred by businesses that are focused on quality, speed and the extent of available traffic. For example, these proxies are used by retail organizations to find out the competitor pricing without getting their IPs blocked.


The proxy manager tool by Luminati is one of the most technologically advanced in the market. Their support system is extremely strong and responsive and customer service is available 24 x 7.


If you are looking for premium quality IPs with the most advanced privacy, Luminati is one of the best options in the market.