MyPrivateProxy Review


MyPrivateProxy Review


Since their inception in 2012, Myprivateproxy, or the MPP Group has become one of the leaders in the industry. According to their website, the MPP Group now has over 220 servers and has thousands of customers. The said customers use over 121,000 IPv4 addresses from 520 different subnets and 12 large cities in 9 states inside the United States. The company has done its bit for the environment and uses wind energy for powering of proxy servers in Denver and has aims to achieve 100% green services.



The MPP Group has a dedicated customer service for its clients who take care of the email and ticketing systems and live chat. All the products featured on their website are designed in-house. The MPP Group wants to be set apart from its competitors in the market, and hence is dedicated to providing the best possible service in terms of the best service at the most affordable price. The private proxies can be used with SEO tools such as Zennoposter, BookmarkWiz, Sick Submitter and Answer Assault.


Packages and Pricing



As of now, customers will receive an extra 10% in the number of proxies if they order any privacy plan from Myprivateproxy. You can now easily get desired shoes retailer websites including Nike, such as SneakerNStuff, EndClothing, Footlocker, Supreme, Eastbay, Footaction, Hanon Shop, Champssports, Finishline and many others. The scheme is aimed at resellers who need to order lots of footwear in order to avoid getting banned from retailer websites.


Myprivateproxy offers three types of plans, Private Proxies, Dedicated Proxies and Shared proxies. The prices of these are as follows:


Private Proxies


Starting at $2.49 per month (price per proxy), this is the lowest value plan that the company has, and this offers nothing much except monthly randomizing. However, if you upgrade the plan to MPP 5, which is priced at $11.75, you get 5 proxies, multiple locations and subnets (2 each) and monthly randomizing. There is no setup fee for any of the private proxy plans. The highest value plan they have is priced at $2,500 (month) and offers 2,200 proxies, 14 locations and 42 subnets.


Dedicated Proxies

This section has dedicated prices for special proxy packages targeting sneaker websites, Pokemon Go and ticketing websites. The MPP Sneakers 20 plan, that is priced at $65 per month, offers 22 proxies at multiple locations and subnets. The highest plan in this category is MPP Sneakers 250 (valued at $520 per month) and offers 250 proxies.


The MPP Pokemongo 5 is the lowest plan for Pokemon Go enthusiasts, priced at $11.75 per month offers 5 proxies and 2 locations and subnets each. The highest plan in this category is MPP Pokemongo 50 ($80.50 per month) and offers 55 proxies with 5 locations and subnets each.


The MPP Tickets 1 is the lowest plan for ticketing proxies, priced at $390 per month, and offers 253 proxies and 1 private subnet. The highest plan is the MPP Tickets 5, which costs $1,750 and offers 1,265 proxies. Myprivateproxy will customize this particular plan to suit your needs when contacted.


Shared Proxies

According to an offer, you will get 20% off if you sign up for the whole year. The MSP costs $50 and offers 50 proxies and 2 locations and subnets each. The highest value plan in this category is the MSP 4,000 which costs $2,500 a month and offers 4,000 proxies, 8 multiple locations and 36 subnets. Myprivateproxy will customize this particular plan to suit your needs when contacted.


Technical Specifications


Myprivateproxy claims that their speed and network uptime are the best in the business. All the servers are powered by the Xeon servers for speed and performance and have 32GB of DDR3 ECC RAM. These support more than 100 threads per proxy in operation.


Speed and Bandwidth



RAID SSD drives provide fast server swap performance and Myprivateproxy provides fast private proxy experience with a full duplex gigabit network. The proxy server software used is the most-stable Squid proxy server, and they use the latest in firewall security to keep the whole experience secure.



Myprivateproxy features a versatile control panel that makes it easy for the user to list all their IP ports and is extremely easy to use.



Myprivateproxy proxies support both username/password and IP authentication authorization. Accessing your proxies was never this easy.


Geolocation of IPs and Data Centers

Myprivateproxy has locations in 12 large cities in 9 states inside the United States that include San Jose, Phoenix, Denver, Washington, Miami, Orlando, Atlanta, Chicago, Boston, Detroit, Philadelphia, Portland and New York and other locations include Luxemburg, Sweden, France, Netherlands and the United Kingdom.





Myprivateproxy does not offer a lot of payment choices unlike other services providers in the same category and has the option of paying through PayPal. There are the standard credit or debit card options (American Express, Visa and MasterCard) which can be used through 2CheckOut and Paypal.


As far as refunds go, private and shared proxies are eligible for a refund within 3 days of the transaction. Myprivateproxy does not provide any trial proxies.



Myprivateproxy does not allow the use of torrents, Xrumer and mailing. They say that they reserve the right to refine and update the list of services that are allowed at any time.


If you want to cancel the service, you will have to log in, and follow the step-by-step instructions in the control panel.




In conclusion, Myprivateproxy is an all-round proxy provider, and great if you are interested in Pokemon Go, ticketing or their offers on sneaker websites.  Overall, Myprivateproxy is an excellent choice for all your proxy solutions.