Premium Russian Proxy Services

This page contains selected and verified paid proxy services that provide access to proxy servers with Russian IP addresses and are physically located in the Russian Federation.

When choosing any service from the list, you can be sure that you will get a high-speed, anonymous proxy server that you can effectively use to access any online resources that require a Russian IP address.

For your convenience, the services are divided according to the types of proxy servers and access methods.

Russian Data Center Hosted Proxies

Data center hosted proxy servers are characterized by high speed, reliability and short response time (called latency or ping).

Private Dedicated Proxies from Russia

When purchasing a private proxy, you can be sure that you are the only person who has access to this proxy at the moment.
The IP address of this proxy is static, i.e. it does not change during the entire time of use (at least 30 days or more).

Shared Semi-Dedicated RU Proxies

Semi-dedicated proxies or shared proxies are a cheap alternative to private proxies. Other users will use these proxies at the same time as you. Nevertheless, these proxy servers have such advantages of private proxy servers as high speed and reliability.

Static Shared Proxies

Regular proxy with shared access and static (permanent, unchangeable) IP address.

Rotating Shared Proxies

This is a shared proxy with IP addresses that are constantly changing. You will get a new proxy every 5-10 minutes. Some services will let you change your proxy after each HTTP request or after every website reload.

Russian Residential Proxy Servers

Unlike Data Center Hosted Proxies, residential proxies are the IP addresses of regular home Internet users.
These proxies are hosted on home computers and mobile devices of ordinary Russian Internet users.
That is why they are highly trusted by most websites.