Private Dedicated Proxy Servers

What Is a Private Dedicated Proxy?

It is a dedicated proxy server that is not available to anyone else but the owner and is hosted on a dedicated server. And simply because of this reason, the owner is not responsible for the consequences of the actions of others. Another great thing about a private dedicated proxy is that it is much faster than other types of proxies, because of the lack of congestion from other users. And for the same reason, a private dedicated proxy will cost you more, because it is unshared.

Apart from only one individual having access to this proxy, a private dedicated proxy also hides your IP or MAC address better than any other proxies available on the market and ensures complete anonymity on the internet to its user. One can go on surfing for as long as they long without being worried about being flagged. And as we said earlier, since only one user is allowed, the internet speed is blazing fast. As a bonus, it can also bypass any type of filters and firewalls and go through most types of blocked websites.

Private Dedicated Proxies

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A standard (shared) proxy has multiple users and only one IP address. So, as a result, these same number of IP addresses would be used to perform many tasks that may be similar in nature. To give you an example, if you were using a search engine, such as Google to perform search tasks for research, and some other user was doing the same, Google is likely to block the IP addresses because of the number of requests coming from it. So it becomes important that not too many people use the same IP addresses because they could be blocked, filtered or blacklisted. With a private dedicated proxy server, you can visit the search engine and put in as many requests as you like, without the fear of being blocked or blacklisted.

What Kind of Tasks Are Private Dedicated Proxies Good For?

Private dedicated proxies are perfect for those who are looking to start new online business ventures because of the speeds they offer and the lack of overcrowding because of many users. They provide you with a wide selection of geographic locations and help conceal your browsing history, hence giving you more confidence while surfing the internet. Here are a few applications that private dedicated proxies are good for:

Private Dedicated Proxies for Social Media Marketing

Private dedicated proxies are being used widely for social media marketing these days. In order to connect to online platforms, they are being used as social media proxies. For connecting your accounts to social media platforms, HTTP proxies are used. Social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram or Facebook (for example), can be very restrictive, and hence, if you are a marketer, these proxies are needed to connect to your accounts, to allow you to increase your reach and work from a single location.

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What these social media proxies are actually used for is automating and running multiple accounts, and hence, come in handy when one has multiple accounts across social media platforms. By using these proxies, you not only protect your accounts but also your privacy. Having every registered account behind a proxy leads the host website to believe that you are more than one computer or a person.

Web Scraping, SEO

For those who use SEO (search engine optimization) tools and scraping sites, private dedicated proxy servers are a great help. This is because to be successful at SEO, a great requirement is to find reliable proxy servers. If you are wondering how it is important for those practices, we will tell you. If you want to research your competitors’ SEO practices and you don’t want them to find out, this could come in handy. On the other hand, web scraping is a very handy practice that allows you to collect data from various sources, but it can be disallowed or banned if it is noticed. With a private dedicated proxy server, it can be continued without being noticed.

Sneaker Sites

Private dedicated proxy servers are a great tool when it comes to making multiple purchases from sneaker websites. Sneaker lovers from around the world want to scoop up new releases from popular sneaker makers such as Nike or Adidas. But most such websites do not welcome such aficionados for obvious reasons and ban multiple requests from the same IPs. Also, around this time, if your connection is slow, there is a good chance that you may miss out. So, with the help of private dedicated proxy servers, you have the advantage of reliability, speed and anonymity.

Streaming Videos

This is one of the most common uses of private dedicated proxy servers, and it has only gone up with the introduction of services such as Netflix and Hulu. With the help of this tool, you can gain access to streaming videos that have been exclusively released to a particular region. Users have made full use of this tool and streamed full-length movies sitting in different corners of the world.

Improving Internet Speed

Sounds weird? Not really. Private dedicated proxy servers have the capability of caching internet search history and caching browser data. This helps in displaying frequently viewed web pages and hence speeding up the browsing. It also helps save bandwidth and helps images load faster from pages that have been frequented regularly. This tool is valuable for large companies that have hundreds or thousands of computers that use the same internal network.

Instant Messaging, Video Calling

Private dedicated proxy servers create a buffer between the software and the clients and in doing so, makes online messaging and calling safer from packet sniffers. If you are on an insecure or outdated version of particular software, packet sniffers can track down your IP quite easily. By using a private dedicated proxy, your network activity is masked, and hence, your IP address is safe.


Now you know how a private dedicated proxy server comes in handy when you are just surfing the web or using it for business, and many private businesses make good use of them for enhanced security and privacy. It should be noted that the reasons listed here are not the only reasons, but they are the most common. This article is to make you aware of the fact that private dedicated proxy servers are extremely important when it comes to maintaining a semblance of privacy.