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Best Proxy Scanner SoftwareGSA Proxy Scraper is a powerful, easy to use, proxy scraping software that can harvest and test thousands of proxies quickly and reliably with a few simple clicks. It has a powerful Port Scanner and other useful tools.
Free Proxies for your Daily Work
The aim of the tool is to get you unlimited proxies to use for your daily jobs. Even though you still might want to use bought/private proxies for some tasks, it just makes much more sense to get your proxies from the many thousands of sources out there for free.
Thousands of Sources
Easily find fresh proxies by using thousands of included proxy sources. Software uses search engines to automatically find new proxy sources.
Internal Proxy Server
The program acts as its own proxy server and allows you to add the IP/Port to other programs. Any new-found proxies are automatically used based on your filters shown here.
Automatic Proxy Scraping and Testing
Scheduled scraping and testing of your proxies. The built-in script engine allows you to code your own test scenario and perform tests on any found proxies.
Easy Proxy Export
You can export your proxies to any format and location. From web- to ftp-upload or simply file storage. You can define what to export (e. g. special regions) or how (e. only new proxies or all).
Filter Unwanted Proxies
Remove proxies from defined regions or suspicious IP ranges. Only get Google-passed proxies or fully anonymous proxies. You can define the type of proxies you need by using the easy to understand settings.
Rank Websites
This is not only a proxy scraper, but also includes many useful tools such as the Metric Scanner where you can easily check a URL’s SEO metrics.
Google PR Emulator
Emulate the discontinued Google-PageRank with our easy to set up tool and let all your SEO tools work again.
Parse Search Engines
A built-in tool lets you parse any search engine on the web. It even lets you add your own search engines. Track the position for a keyword and your sites.
HTTP Toolkit
That HTTP-Toolkit let’s you send custom data to servers at your choice.
Port Scanner
The best and most stable proxies are those only known by you and not listed publicly on the internet. Now, you can easily find them using the built-in scanner. It can also suggest good IP ranges based on previously found data.
Get Started With A Private GSA Proxy For Link Building

Get Started With A Private GSA Proxy For Link Building

A GSA proxy is the key to running GSA SER effectively. Used wisely, you can rank many websites to the first page of Google from simply getting your SEO and link-building strategy right. We know many people that do this day-in-day-out, but while every SEO’s strategy may differ, and not all websites react the same to link-building as each other, one thing is a constant for marketers that use GSA SER, and that is proxies. To learn more about using GSA SER Proxies, use the table of contents of Contents1. What is a GSA Proxy? 2. Common Mistakes Using GSA Link Building3. Do I Need a GSA Proxy for SER? 4. High-Quality GSA SER Proxies5. Google Penalties on GSA Link to Set Up Proxies for GSA What is a GSA Proxy? Proxies are a middleman from your computer or server to the ‘Internet’. This proxy acts as a different location by way of supplying an IP, or Internet Protocol, address. When we talk about using GSA Search Engine Ranker and proxies, we’re saying that it enables you to use the tool to set up new accounts and log into websites to place a backlink from whatever Engine (the type of platform the website is built on, such as WordPress, PHPbb and many more) you choose to link from. As Google ranks websites based on the type, quality, velocity and volume of links, and many more factors, GSA SER can be used to speed up the process. Utilizing proxies will help gain backlinks made from a different IP. If you were to use the same IP, it’s the same as trying to add backlinks manually and that looks to Google that you’re simply trying to build links yourself, whereas with proxies it looks like that other people are linking to your website, which is exponentially Mistakes Using GSA Link Building Newbies, early users of SER, and excitable Internet marketers often find themselves with a penalized domain from using GSA SER. As there are two types of proxies, public and private, some new users of SER might want to use public proxies as they’re free but need regular scrapes to find and burn out quickly. For the avid user of SER, they’re next to useless ivate proxiesSo, public proxies are out. Private proxies are the ones to have. And, there are two different types of private proxies; either semi-dedicated or dedicated. Semi-dedicated means private proxies but shared with usually up to 3 other customers. This makes them cheaper but as they’re shared, you don’t know what the other customers are using them for. They could be seriously using them and that will make them burn out quickly. This can be down to several reasons: you or the other customers might be using too many threads at the same time or using them for scraping huge lists. Dedicated private proxies are all yours. You’re the only customer. You can still get these banned or temporarily blocked from using them too much, but as you have control over that, simply throttle back the number of threads, lower the number of scraping connections and you should find that you can run just below the ‘ban’ number but high enough to get great results. This takes a little time to test, but if you want SER to work to its fullest then dedicated private proxies are the ones to go it wiselyAnother common problem with GSA SER is that people use it as a machine gun without thinking of the consequences. Used correctly, you can get a huge amount of links without getting a ban or penalty. Used incorrectly, you can wipe your site off the face of the digital planet. Remember, it’s just a tool. You have to implement your strategy – make one manually then automate it with SER and scale up with multiple licenses of SER. SER scrapes huge lists of websites, identifies which ones it could post to, and submits links either contextual or non-contextual. You can set the variables and parameters yourself, which suit either your own link-building strategies, such as a limit on the outbound links of the sites, a limit of the search engines, or country-specific TLDs that you want to link on, and hundreds of other ways. As you can imagine, this leaves a huge amount of room for error, so it needs careful setting up. Whatever your strategy is, using proxies in SER is vital for gaining a successful amount of registered backlinks pointing at your money I Need a GSA Proxy for SER? Yes. When using SER you’re gaining backlinks from thousands of websites. For this, you need to have unique content, which is expensive, but there is an in-built spinner or you can use 3rd party spinners, content packs, spun articles in spintax format, and that helps the content be seen by Google and not be duplicate; Google does not like duplicate content, it either discounts it or can give the offending site a penalty. Either way, spending time and money on SER and not using spun content or unique articles is a milarly, the use of proxies means that you can gain backlinks from all over the world in different geographical areas according to the IPs that you rent. However, only you know that it’s all coming from your computer or server that you use for SER. Being able to automate the process and ‘hide’ behind IPs means that you can generally see better GSA SER Proxies As mentioned, using public proxies is wrought with problems. They suffer from high latency as many people use them at the same time; they die without warning; some have adverts and pop-ups or pop-unders that cause problems for SER to post on sites successfully as there is an advert in the way, and can struggle with submissions. All of those reasons make using SER difficult, slow, and gain few results. This is why you need high-quality proxies to make the most of the tool. They are fast, have low latency, work well for scraping and submissions, and don’t come with adverts. As you’re paying for them, if one should die, you can get it replaced free of charge. This allows you to run SER at its peak 24/7 rather than many proxies? You need to buy enough private proxies to handle the number of links you want to make. The individual processes, or threads, allows SER to run faster and generate more links. For this, SER can have its amount of threads adjusted. You need to divide the number of links you want to create against the number of proxies. There is no definite number of proxies per thread, but the hardcore SER users tend to say 10 threads per proxy. You don’t want to create 100 links through one proxy as Google will ban that IP pretty quickly. But, making 5-10 links per proxy is more than doable. But, play it safe and work up to that from 2 threads per Penalties on GSA Link Building Before you get ahead of yourself with buying GSA SER and some dedicated private proxies, you need to remember that Google is clever. Yes, you can manipulate the way you build backlinks but care is needed, or Google’s algorithmic ‘animals’ can come and get you. The ‘animals’ are updates that are named after various animals, Panda and Penguin are the most recent. Penguin is the main one that you should be concerned with when using GSA SER. The penguin update looks at the quality of links, the types of links, and the anchor text. Over-optimized anchor links, for example, all money anchors look unnatural and usually gain a penalty. This is where you have to be smart. Yes, you can make 500 links per minute (LPM) with the right setup and some fast proxies, but if you don’t use brand anchors, partial match, generic, naked URLs, and non-’money’ anchors will keep you under the radar but still have a good effect on your rankings. Below, we go through a short explanation for how to set up proxies for GSA. As you know, there are two types of proxies: private and public. Choose private once you buy your GSA private proxies. Then click on the configure button, and you will see if the proxies are genuinely private and that they are treated as such. You can toggle this from public to private, should GSA get it wrong and think that they are public or private incorrectly. Although you can add the proxies one by one, it’s so much easier, especially if you have 50 or 100+ private proxies, to import them from a file or the clipboard. You can see there are few ways to add them depending on the format your proxy provider gives them to you. Once you have uploaded your proxies, you should test them. Even if the proxy provider you know is a good one, the proxies should still be checked as you never know even if they are good and GSA SER thinks that they are banned then it won’t use them. You can test them against Google Search, Bing, WhatismyIPaddress, an Anonymous Test URL, or a custom test. The tool will run through the proxies, testing them, and give you either green for successful or red for failed proxies. You can then retest them or remove them. If they’re all green then you’re good to go. Periodically, you should test the proxies to see if any are banned or fail. Test your proxies once every 1-2 lowdown on private proxies for GSA SERWhether you’ve been in the SEO industry for a long time or just starting, using GSA SER is a great idea and it’s one of those tools like Scrapebox that should be in your arsenal. It needs time spent setting up, configuring, understanding how it works, how it should be used, and as there are so many variables and ways to script your engines and setups, you can utilize the power of it in so many ways. Most people leave it fairly generic and in its default setting, which is fine, but care is needed as it can rank or tank a site. One thing is for certain is that public proxies just don’t cut it. You should get some semi- or private proxies to make the most of the tool. Setting them up isn’t difficult, but regular checks to see that they’re still alive and running should be done. Shared proxies are good but dedicated private proxies are better as you are the only customer with those IPs. If you abuse them, you know you’ve been pushing each proxy too hard. Get too many replacements and the proxy provider might tell you to calm it down with the number of threads you’re running to keep them from dying or being ThoughtsOnce you get to grips with your SEO strategy and how GSA SER works, then you will soon see that private proxies are vital to the success of the projects and campaigns you create. Take a look at the GSA forum and have a quick read about how many people, both seasoned users, and newbies, use a private GSA proxy for GSA SER. Yes, some people can make public ones work for scraping and discard them automatically and reupload some new ones, but the success rate for scraping this way is severely diminished from having to load up new proxies all of the time. Private proxies are the best proxies for GSA information contained within this article, including information posted by official staff, guest-submitted material, message board postings, or other third-party material is presented solely for the purposes of education and furtherance of the knowledge of the reader. All trademarks used in this publication are hereby acknowledged as the property of their respective owners. Sign Up for our Mailing ListTo get exclusive deals and more information about a risk-free, money-back guarantee trial today and see the Blazing SEO difference for yourself!
GSA Proxy Scraper 3.42 - MajorGeeks

GSA Proxy Scraper 3.42 – MajorGeeks

Major Geeks Special Offer:
GSA Proxy Scraper enables quick and easy proxy scraping capable of mining and testing numerous type of tool can be useful in cutting down on search time as well as the costs involved in searching for a viable proxy. It quickly finds and harvests proxies from all corners of the web and will continue to generate them until you have what you have access to a multitude of useful tools like a Port Scanner that allows GSA Proxy Scraper the power to locate proxies from places that other similar software may have been unsuccessful in finding to bolster your options for anonymity further. You also have Smart-Tagging for quickly creating custom proxy tags, which automatically filter proxies based on user-defined criteria. (like proxy must work with Youtube, Facebook, Etsy, etc. ). Enjoy simple exporting and filtering configuration options that allow Google to pass proxies to a specific location like an email, FTP upload, local destination, or even a web upload. All you need to do is select the export interval and location to export the proxies, and the app will automatically manage and execute Proxy Scraper Features:Powerful Harvester: Built-in proxy harvester goes above and beyond the competition by having the unique ability to scrape proxies from almost any site! The proxy harvester is so powerful it can harvest proxies from sources other proxy tools can’t touchTest Proxies: Automatically test newly scraped proxies against websites such as web 2. 0’s, social accounts, email providers, search engines, and even your own custom URL’sSmart Tags: Proxy tags allow you to easily tag/group specific types of proxies which can later be used for different tasksProxy Types: GSA Proxy Scraper currently has support for The Web, Connect, and Socks4/5 proxy typesPort Scanner: A powerful, multi-threaded port scanner allows you to scan I. P. and port ranges to discover more proxiesProxy Filtering: Automatically filter by country, speed, Google passed, anonymity level, dangerous I. ‘s, and moreCompatibility: Supports proxy formats from all the most popular SEO tools such as GSA SER, Scrapebox, Gscraper, NohandsSEO, Ultimate Demon, and much moreInternal Proxy Server: Internal proxy server allows the software to act as a personal VPN, giving your browser a fresh new I. after every Options: Automatic proxy export to FTP, email, local directory, and web upload (GET, POST)Similar: Why You Shouldn’t (Mostly) Use Free VPN Services How to Enable the Windows Defender Sandbox in Windows 10 How to Disable Advertising ID for Relevant Ads in Windows 10 How to Disable Windows 10 Activity History Permanently
5-Day Trial with limited proxy sources.
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Frequently Asked Questions about proxy gsa

What is GSA proxy scraper?

GSA Proxy Scraper is a powerful, easy to use, proxy scraping software that can harvest and test thousands of proxies quickly and reliably with a few simple clicks. It has a powerful Port Scanner and other useful tools.

What is a proxy scraper?

Web scrapers use proxies to hide their identity and make their traffic look like regular user traffic. Web users use proxies to protect their personal data or access websites that are blocked by their country’s censorship mechanism.

What does proxy mean in it?

A. P. A proxy server is a computer system or router that functions as a relay between client and server. It helps prevent an attacker from invading a private network and is one of several tools used to build a firewall. The word proxy means “to act on behalf of another,” and a proxy server acts on behalf of the user.

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