Scrapebox Email List

Scrapebox Email List

ScrapeBox Email Scraper

Do you need to scrape email addresses from web pages, and don’t know how to do it or don’t have a tool capable?
ScrapeBox has a powerful multi-threaded email scraper which can harvest email addresses from webpages, it also has proxy support so each request is randomly assigned a proxy from from your list to keep your identity hidden or prevent sites blocking your by IP address due to too many queries.
The ScrapeBox email harvester also works with URL’s so it can work with sites like FaceBook and Twitter that require a secure connection. It also has an adjustable user-agent option, so you can set your user-agent to Googlebot to work with sites like or you can set it as a regular browser or even mobile device for compatibility with most sites. When exporting you also have the option to save the URL along with the scraped email address so you know where each email came from as well as filter options to extract only specific emails.
Because the Email Grabber function is multi-threaded, you can also select the number of simultaneous connections as well as the timeout so you can configure it for any connection type regardless if you have a powerful server or a home connection. Another unique thing the email grabber can do is extract emails from files stored locally on your computer, if you have a file or database which contains various information along with emails you can simply load the file in to ScrapeBox and it will extract all emails from the file!
If you need to harvest URL’s to scrape email addresses from, then ScrapeBox has a powerful Search Engine Harvester with 30 different search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, Blekko, Lycos, AltaVista as well as numerous other features to extract URL lists such as the Internal External Link Extractor and the Sitemap Scraper.
Also recently added is an option to scrape emails by crawling a site. What this does is allows you to enter a domain name and select how many levels deep you wish to crawl the site, for example 4 levels. It will then fetch the emails and all internal links on the site homepage, then visit each of those pages finding all the emails and fetching the internal links from those pages and so on. This allows you to drill down exacting emails from a specific website.
So this makes it a great email finder software for extracting published emails. If the emails are not published on the pages, you can use the included Whois Scraper Addon to scrape the domains registrant email and contact details.
How to Scrape Emails with Scrapebox - WowitLoveitHaveit

How to Scrape Emails with Scrapebox – WowitLoveitHaveit

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to scrape your B2B email list of target/prospective clients.
Scrapebox is an excellent tool that has a lot of powerful features that can be combined together to take email scraping to another level.
Step 1: Download, Install and Configure HMA! Pro VPN Or Add your Proxies
There are a number of ways you can go about proxies. You can either install and configure HMA! Pro VPN and run it with a timed out IP change. You will need to download the “previous version” from because it has a timed out IP change which is something that the new version does not have. For scraping, we need to change our IP address as frequently as possible because the search engines will start to ban an IP address after a few hundred or a couple of thousands scrapes.
A better option is to use your own private proxies because they are more stable. I like to use backconnect rotating proxies from Storm Proxies but those can be very expensive. You will most likely be running Scrapebox at a hundred or more threads and this will require a very large custom proxy package with many threads. This can be fairly expensive considering that you need the proxies just for scraping.
Step 2: Compile your List of Root Keywords for Your Prospects
The next step will be for you to put together a list of root keywords for the prospects you are targeting. Root keywords will most often comprise category keywords, brands, popular keywords and so on. The idea is to then use the keywords with a keyword research tool to scrape more keywords for each root keywords.
So, for example, let’s say that we are targeting all the CBD websites. I have gone onto Google and searched for a few CBD sites and copied their categories, brands and even popular search term words. For the sake of this example, I will keep the list short as I do not want for it to occupy the best part of this article. As a general rule of thumb, you should have at least 200 – 500 root keywords. You need to ensure that there are enough for when it comes to using them as a basis to scrape more niche-related keywords.
CBD OilCannabinoidCBD GummiesCBD Oil buyCBD CreamCBD PainCBD LocalCBD dogsCBD WholesalePure CBDHemp oilCBD CouponCBD for saleCBD IsolateCBD CapsulesCBD back painCBD anxietyCBD joint muscleCBD fibromyalgiaCBD bulkCBD green roadsCBD Full spectrumCBD broad spectrumCBD TerpenesCBD resellerGreen RoadsCBD ediblesCBD coffeeCBD medicalCBD plantCBD treatmentCBD for disabilitiesCBD with thcCBD near meCBD for honeyCBD for skinBest CBD CBD powderCBD foodCBD dropsCBD vapeCBD waterCBD candyCBD ChocolateCBD mintsCBD Face creamCBD skin careCBD lotionCBD patchesCBD Skin patchCBD EliquidsCBD ReviewsHemp OilCBD ProductsCBD Dog TreatsCBD IsolateCBD EdiblesCBD Pills Capsules and TincturesCBD for PetsMarijuana Derived CBDHemp Derived CBD4 Corners CannabisAcesoAlaska Cannabis ExchangeAlternate Vape CBDAmbary GardensAmerican ShamanAmma LifeAmritaAON Mother NatureArisitolBio Hemp CBDBioCBD PlusBlue Moon HempBlue Sky BiologicalsBluebird BotanicalsBrand RatingBrowns Botanicals CBDBuddha CBD TeasBuddha TeasCanChew GumCanna CompanionCannabidiol LifeCannadiolCanna PetCannazAllCannimalCasa Luna ChocolateCBD BioCareCBD DripCBD for LifeCBD for Life 1CBD Fusion WaterCBD Global ExtractsCBD InfusionsCBD Infusions 1CBD Living WaterCBD RxFunctional RemediesCBD UnlimitedCBDfxCBDistilleryCBDRxCibadermCibdexCibdolCloud 9 HempCrystal Pure CBDCTFOCW BotanicalsCW BotanicalsDelta botanicalsDiamond CBDDixie BotanicalsDixie BotanicalssDose of NatureDreem NutritionElite BotanicalsElixinol CBD AustraliaElixinolEndoca CBDEndocaEnectaEntourage HempFab CBDFairwinds CBDFarmacy BlissFolium BiosciencesForiaGevittaGolden Leaf CBDGreen Garden GoldGreen GorillaGreen RoadsHappy BuddhaHarmonyHealthSmart CBDHemp BombsHemp ForteHemp FusionHemp Health TechnologiesHempFusionReviewHempgenixHempland USAHempleBoxHemplogicaHemplucidHempMedsHempotionHempowerhempworxHi CBDHighland PharmsHMP2GOHolland Hemp CompanyHoly Grail CBDHygia NutrientsiHemp CBDIlluminent CBDImbue BotanicalsiPuff CBDiPuffIrie CBDIsodiolJeffs Best HempJoy OrganicsJuju RoyalKanaVapeKannawayKats NaturalsKiva ConfectionsKoi CBDKure CBDLidtkeList of CBD Oil Companies WeveedLolaHempLove CBDMana Artisan BotanicsMarys MedicinalsMarys MedicinalsMEDIHEMPMedJoyMedTerraMedUSA CBDMichigan Hemp CompanyMilagro CBDMiracle SmokesMuscle MXMyadermNanoCraft CBDNatures Way BotanicalsNatures ScriptNectar LeafNoontide Herbal ElixirsNuLeaf NaturalsNuliefNutraCannaOjai EnergeticsOrganabusPalmetto HarmonyPH SecretsPharmaHempphividaPlus CBD OilPopulumPrime My BodyPrime SunshineProcanaProgressive Pet Products IncPura VidaPURE CBD VAPORSPure RatiosPure Science LabPureKanaPurity PetiblesPyoorCBDRE BotanicalsReal Scientific Hemp OilReceptra NaturalsReceptraRestorative BotanicalsSadicaSagely NaturalsSAUCShanti WellnessSmart OrganicsSmartHealth CBDSol CBDSoS PainSunday ScariesTasty Hemp OilThe Fay FarmThe Medics IncThe Wee Hemp CompanyTherabisTherapy Pure EssentialsThoughtcloudTop Verified CBD BrandsTreatiblesTreatWellTrompetolTry the CBDVape BrightVeritas FarmsVina BellViPovaVitaMia HempWildflowerZakah Life EssentialsZamnesia
Awesome! Now, I am going to use Domination Robot () keyword research tool to expand this list of root keywords to prepare myself and extensive list of niche-related keywords to use with Scrapebox. As you can see below, just enter these root or “seed” keywords into the “Seed keywords” pane and hit start. The keyword scraper will start to collect related keywords for each one of the Seed keywords.
Step 3: Enter the Entire Keyword List into the Scrapebox Keyword List
Select “custom footprint”. We are not going to be scraping for particular website platforms so it is ok to use no footprint at all.
Step 4: Go to Settings – Connections, Timeouts and Other Settings and Configure the Threads
I recommend that you use the default values of 50 threads for each function as Scrapebox does have a tendency to crash when being run at a large thread number.
Step 5: Auto Remove Duplicate URLS and Domains from Results
I recommend that you remove all the duplicate URLs and domains is because you do not want to scrape emails from those urls as it will result in a lot of duplicates.
Step 6: Start Harvesting URLs from the Search Engines
Select however many search engines you need and start harvesting. If you are using proxies, make sure you have proxies enabled and if you are running HMA! VPN PRO in the background, make sure that the IP changes every minute as for scraping, you need as many new proxies/IPs as possible!
Step 6: After the Harvesting is Complete, select Exit to Main
Step 7: Export URLs as Text
Now you need to export all the scraped website urls in a text file. You should create a folder with the name of the niche and name your file using the niche name and the fact that these urls are targets/prospective clients.
Step 8: Export URLs as Text – Name your File
You should now name your notepad text file accordingly. This is how I named it:
“CBD – Scrapebox target client urls”
Step 9: Email Scraper Premium Plugin – Open
Now you need to open the Scrapebox Email Scraper Premium Plugin.
Step 10: Email Scraper Premium Plugin – Crawl Load List
Now we are going to load the website urls that we have just scraped and extract the email addresses from those urls.
Step 11: Scrapebox Email Scraper Premium Plugin – Crawl Load List – Load Urls
Now we are going to select the file with all the scraped website URLs and load it.
Step 12: Scrapebox Email Scraper Premium Plugin – Crawl Load List – Urls are now loaded
Step 13: Scrapebox Email Scraper Premium Plugin – Options – Filters and Configuration
This is one of the most important steps. In order to get emails that are clean and related to our niche, we are going to configure all the 1: “Search only in pages with” – here, we are going to add all the possible keywords related to our niche. DO NOT use commas, just a space to separate each keyword. The software will scan the HTML code, content, meta titles and meta descriptions of each website for any of these keywords. If a website from our list contains any one of these keywords, the software will extract an email from it. However, if a website does not contain, Scrapebox will skip it. The idea behind this filter is to scrape topically relevant websites. So, in our case, a website that contains the word “CBD” is most likely to be relevant to our business could also copy and paste the same keywords into “Search only in pages with” -> “any of the words in the url”. So, here, instead of checking the actual page of the website for the keywords, the software will scan the urls for these keywords. I WOULD NOT use this filter because it will narrow the results down too much. And do not forget that a website url will not necessarily have the keywords in it for a lot of 2: “Ignore Emails when the””email username contains” – basically, here we will enter our list of keywords that we do not want in our list. “email domain contains” – here we will enter our list of keywords that we do not want in our list. “site is” – here, we will add sites for which we do not want emails. These would usually include the Majestic Million idea behind this filter is to get rid of poor quality and spammy 3: “Grab Emails only when””email username contains””email domain contains”Here, we would enter our keywords that we want to appear inside the email. Again, I WOULD NOT use this filter simply because not every email will necessarily have our keywords. Some niches may be more keyword driven than others. For example, compare the fashion industry against the CBD niche. CBD niche has more websites with the actual keyword CBD, whereas, fashion websites are more brand driven so there is no way that we will find many emails with our keywords inside the emails. “Settings” – “worker threads” – this is just the thread number for this plugin. I like to run it at a 100 as I have a fairly powerful dedicated server. I do not check the “only scrape emails matching the domain” because a lot of emails will come from business directories and social media sites and there is no way that the scraped emails will match to those domains. Therefore, once again, I like to be proxies if you have proxies. If not, just run your HMA! VPN PRO in the background.
Step 14: Scrapebox Email Scraper Premium Plugin – Start
Now run the plugin.
Step 15: Scrapebox Email Scraper Premium Plugin – Send to Email tester
Now send all the scraped emails to the email tester.
Step 16: Scrapebox Email Scraper Premium Plugin – Verify Emails – Options
In the “Senders email address” (sic) just enter your email address.
Step 17: Scrapebox Email Scraper Premium Plugin – Verify Emails – Start
Hit Start.
Step 18: Scrapebox Email Scraper Premium Plugin – Verify Emails – Filter – Remove Invalid Emails and Untested and Emails with Errors
Here, you will remove all the untested, invalid and emails with errors.
Step 19: Scrapebox Email Scraper Premium Plugin – Verify Emails – Export All Valid Emails
Step 20: Scrapebox Email Scraper Premium Plugin – Verify Emails – Export All Valid Emails – Name your File Properly
Step 21: Use Atomic Email Verifier to test your emails at Syntax, Domain and Email level
Please read my guide on how to verify your scraped email list using the Atomic Email Verifier here.
Practical Video Demonstration
This is a very basic and working video of how to undertake the entire process I have described above.
Click here to download the mments will be approved before showing up.
How easy to extract emails with Scrapebox? | BlackHatWorld

How easy to extract emails with Scrapebox? | BlackHatWorld

How easy to extract emails with Scrapebox? | BlackHatWorld
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Start date
May 9, 2018
I need a software for extracting emails from given URLs, but I couldn’t find any so far for mac OS, so I need to do it as soon as possible to make some money, that’s why can anyone please tell me a good email scraping software for mac or scrapebox is easy to extract?
Jun 2, 2015
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Check @loopline scrapebox yt channel, you can find some tutorials for email scraping there
Nov 7, 2009
2, 156
1, 022
Aug 16, 2017
i have a follow-on question… we are thinking of using Scrapebox but we have a lot of scraping to do and would need a programmatic interface. an API.
we have a few thousand folks / bloggers / journalists, etc… and the sites they mainly write for. but we’d need to drill down to find out if their emails are anywhere on those sites.
so we’d be looking on a series of different URL’s for a series of different people’s emails…???
Scrapebox can scrape emails from given urls as well as crawl thru a list of domains looking for mails on any pages. That is with the core of scrapebox and then there is an email scraper plugin which can do even more and has more options.
Scrapebox can run natively on windows or mac. However bear in mind if you buy a mac license its a mac license for life, same with windows, you can’t switch between OSs
Scrapebox has no API or “programatic” access, but you can do what you want right in the GUI, if I understand you. I mean scrapebox can handle millions urls. In fact it can functionally handle more urls then your machine resources support. (64bit windows anyways and that assumes you have less then 100GB of Memory aka RAM).
So size of list is no issue, its just functionality and scrapebox can crawl thru domains looking for emails. In fact even if there was an API it would just take you a bunch of work to build something that accesses your data and then does what scrapebox can already do without having to take that work.
I guess I don’t understand why do you want to use an api when scrapebox already does what you want in a GUI format?
Or maybe you should/could explain in more precise detail what it is you want and why you think you need an api for it.
Aug 19, 2009
SB’s built in mail scraper is quite good, you can use custom grabbers that you define, and there’s a pro email plugin too.
Scrapebox has an Automator plugin, which is good, however there’s a lot of functions that it doesn’t automate (EG Custom Grabber, YPscraper, etc), and it’s not really a replacement for an API or full featured CLI interface. You probably don’t need an API to do what you mention though.
RE: Size of lists.
Can confirm it handles huge list sizes very very well. I’ve put lists of 250M+ through it, though in practice you’re much better off breaking your lists up and feeding it in chunks.
Apr 30, 2018
Yeap, Scrapebox can do the job very well indeed. Just that if you have processed a large list (a very large list), you will need a lot of computing power to process that large bulk of data.
For instance, if there’s 1million URLS, be sure to have a powerful computer to speed up the processing time, as based on my past experience, it did take a long time to process that.
we’re not doing anything too unusual. looking for journalist emails. sometimes they are small journalists and maybe a scraper would be easy since we could just scrape their blog for any emails mentioned and that might be useful to get emails to the owner of the blog.
however, if the journalist is not an owner of the site / URL then their email may or may not be buried somewhere in one of the articles or the author page or a Contact Us page or something.
so we’re just targeting specific people / journalists. many of the journalists we are trying to find are just freelancers and aren’t the blog-owners.???
i could easily compile a list of URL’s that publish works of the journalists we are looking for but that won’t be terribly targeted information.?
To your first question, having an API isn’t going to help you with this, not that i can see. I mean the only thing I can see an API doing in this case is over complicating things.
As for how to get your end results, I don’t have a great solution. You need a human brain to process that sort of data typically. I mean any scraper can scrape, but unless the email has Email – this is the owner. Information with it, then you have no way of really knowing that right?
I mean think of it opposite of probably how you are now. This is how I approach it anyway.
1 – How can I do what I want to do manually.
2 – How can I then automate that.
Most people start with number 2 and skip 1 and then run into a wall. So how do you get the data you want now? figure that out, then look at, can I automate this?
If its repetative and you get the data you want based on X qualifiers, then you can try and automate that.
If its different in every article and every case and sometimes you have to dig around for your authors mails and try and associate things, then its going to be hard to automate because its not consistent. So in that case you may be able to take it part way and aggregate data faster and filter, but may still need a human involved.
Feb 11, 2018
Hey Loopline,
Could you provide any tips for scraping realtor email addresses? I’ve been using scrapebox for over a month now, watched your YouTube tutorials and reached out to scrapebox support. Unfortunately, I have not garnered the results I had anticipated. Please don’t misunderstand me, I think Scrapebox is an awesome tool, but perhaps I need some 1:1 guidance pertaining to my specific need.
I’ve tried reaching you, since I’m a subscriber of, but don’t think that is the correct email address for you to reply. Is it possible to PM me or vise versa?
Thanks again for all your support!!
Ill pm you but I think the general answer is you can scrape realitor websites from google based on realitor keywords and then scrape those urls for emails.
If there is a realitor directory, you could build a custom data scraper to scrape that
And if they show up in yellow pages, not sure if realitors do, you could use the yellow pages scraper to scrape realitors and that will give you emails.
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