Server Destroyer Bot

Server Destroyer Bot

goldentg/DOW: Destroyer Of Worlds (discord server … – GitHub

HTTP Rotating & Static

  • 200 thousand IPs
  • Locations: US, EU
  • Monthly price: from $39
  • 1 day moneyback guarantee


This Discord bot will completely destroy any server you want, all you need is the targets bot token.
– NEW –
– Features –
Deletes all channels
Deletes all voice channels
Bans all members
Deletes all emojis
Allows custom new channel name
Creates invite link in the console
This discord bot will destroy any and all servers that the bot is connected to and has the required permissions
– Install Required Programs –
Before you download the bot, there are some things you need to install first to ensure everything works as it should. Here are 2 programs that you need to install:
– Download Project Files –
After you have the required programs installed, you can now download project Shadow. There are 2 different ways to do this, either download the zip folder, or run git clone in a command console.
– Token –
Input a bot token into at botToken: “YOUR TOKEN HERE”. Note that DOW requires full admin permissions on a server to work.
– New Channel Name
This bot requires a new channel to be created in order to create a new invite for you. you can customize that in the newChannelName variable. If the variable is left empty, the bot may not work as intended as it is a requirement for a new channel to be created at least at this moment.
– Running the Bot –
First run the file to initialize the packages
then; once the other steps are completed; simply run the bot with node or run the file
– Discord –
Make sure to join our discord server!
New discord server:
Golden Codex HUB
Message BlackLung#6950 for bot assistance
– Support The Project –
If you enjoy this project, you can show your support by starting the repo ⭐ and joining our discord servers
Buy me a cup of coffee ☕
I’ve worked hard to code this bot hopefully you will show me some support, even if I don’t get donations. That said, I know there are people out there that may still want to donate just to show their appreciation so this is for you guys. Thanks in advance!
Donate Here! ☕
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Can I delete a server using discord.js or - Stack Overflow

HTTP & SOCKS Rotating & Static Proxies

  • 72 million IPs for all purposes
  • Worldwide locations
  • 3 day moneyback guarantee


Can I delete a server using discord.js or – Stack Overflow

Yes, the async coroutine is lete_server. The account doing the deletion must be the server owner.
The equivalent coroutine from the rewrite branch is, which has the same limitations.
answered Dec 4 ’18 at 15:10
Patrick HaughPatrick Haugh52. 4k12 gold badges74 silver badges83 bronze badges
In you can use ().
Please note that you will have to use the guild’s owner account (a user account), and that could get you banned from Discord since self-bots aren’t allowed (offical post about it). So, if you want to follow the rules, you can’t do it.
answered Dec 4 ’18 at 18:44
Federico GrandiFederico Grandi6, 3404 gold badges27 silver badges46 bronze badges
You can just do this:
({report:boolean, reason:”string”, rate:number, prototype:{Object}, other:[Donkey Button Object]});
janw5, 9946 gold badges27 silver badges49 bronze badges
answered Oct 30 ’20 at 16:18
While it is possible, deleting the server would require the bot to be the server owner. The only way this would be possible is with the Guild Owner running a self-bot, which is against the TOS.
answered Jan 15 ’20 at 21:03
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How to Add a Bot to Discord to Help Moderate Your Channel

How to Add a Bot to Discord to Help Moderate Your Channel

You can add a bot to Discord to have it automatically welcome new users, moderate content, and more.
Discord bots are friendly AI that help manage or enhance your server.
Discord bots are pre-made and free to download — no tech wizardry required.
Visit Business Insider’s Tech Reference library for more stories.
Something is loading.
Bots on Discord, the group messaging platform, are helpful artificial intelligence that can perform several useful tasks on your server includes welcoming any new members, banning troublemakers, and moderating the discussion. Some bots even add music or games to your ‘t worry, you don’t have to be a coding genius to add an automaton to your server. You just download pre-made bots and customize what they do and ‘ll cover how to download and use the popular MEE6 bot as a welcoming bot, a moderating bot, and a bot that alerts your server when you’re streaming on
How to add a bot to DiscordYou can add a number of popular, premade bots to your server. One of the most popular is MEE6. 1. Visit this page to download MEE6. 2. Click the button that says “Add to Discord. ”
Select “Add to Discord” on the MEE6 homepage.
Jeremy Dreyfuss, Justin Gmoser/Business Insider
3. Provide your Discord login to authenticate your account. If a pop-up asks for permission to use your account, click “Authorize. ”
Make sure you’re logged into the correct account, and click “Authorize. ”
4. Click “Set up MEE6” next to your server name.
Click “Set up MEE6” next to the correct server.
5. Select your server in the pop-up window and click “Continue. ”
Choose your server and hit “Continue. ”
6. Select or deselect the permissions you’ll give this bot. 7. Scroll down and click “Authorize. ”
Click “Authorize. ”
How to set up MEE6 as a welcoming bot on DiscordOnce you authorize MEE6, you are given options of what kind of bot you can create. First, we’ll create a bot that welcomes new members to your server. Click the “Welcome” option.
To create a welcome bot, click the “Welcome” option.
2. Select what you want the bot to do. Your options are: “Send a message when a user joins the server, ” “Send a private message to new users, ” “Give a role to new users” and “Send a message when a user leaves the server. ”
Select a welcome task for the bot, such as “Send a message when a user joins the server. ”
3. You can set what your bot says down to the text color and font, as well as which channel your bot will post in.
Choose a channel for the bot to post in.
4. Hit “Save” when finished. Visit this plug-ins page again if you want to make changes.
Click “Save” when you’re done.
How to set up MEE6 as a moderating bot on DiscordCircle back to the plug-ins page on the MEE6 website to set up your moderator bot. A moderator can do things like censor language and kick bad actors off of your server. Click on the “Moderator” icon.
Select “Moderator. ”
2. Then click “Yes” in the pop-up to enable it. 3. Scroll down to “Auto-moderator” and select what rules you want your bot to enforce. Options include censoring bad words, spoilers, and excessive emojis.
In the “Auto-Moderator” section, you can choose what kind of actions you want moderated, such as “Bad words. When selecting what your bot will moderate, you can decide how the bot reprimands users. The message can be automatically deleted, the user who triggered the auto-moderation can be sent a warning message, or both.
Choose how you want the action moderated.
5. Click “Settings” to customize the threshold for what triggers the bot. For example, the bot can spring into action once a post has been marked with a certain number of spoiler tags. You can also select channels for the bot to ignore. 6. Save any changes.
How to set up MEE6 to alert users when you’re streaming on TwitchDiscord began as a messaging platform for gamers, so streaming culture goes hand in hand with it. If you are a streamer, you can set up MEE6 to alert your server whenever you go live on the streaming site Twitch. First, revisit the MEE6 plug-ins page again. Scroll and click the Twitch icon.
Click on the “Twitch” option.
2. Click “Yes” in the pop-up to enable it. Enter the name of your Twitch channel.
Type in the name of your channel.
4. Customize a message to your server. 5. Select a channel for the bot to post in.
Choose a channel.
6. Choose whether or not you want to receive a Discord notification when someone follows the Twitch channel. Click “Save. “8. Now, when you go live on Twitch, everyone on your server will be notified.
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Vivian McCall is a freelancer for Business Insider’s Reference team.
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Frequently Asked Questions about server destroyer bot

Can a bot delete a server discord?

So, if you want to follow the rules, you can’t do it. While it is possible, deleting the server would require the bot to be the server owner.Dec 4, 2018

Can bots own servers?

you can actually change server ownership with a bot. but the bot must be the owner of the server before hand. for a bot to create a guild it must use POST /guilds to change owners you must use PATCH /guilds/{} and send over the json parameter owner_id with the id you want to transfer ownership too.Mar 24, 2020

How do I bot my server?

How to add a bot to DiscordClick the button that says “Add to Discord.” … Provide your Discord login to authenticate your account. … Click “Set up MEE6” next to your server name. … Select your server in the pop-up window and click “Continue.” … Scroll down and click “Authorize.” … Click the “Welcome” option.More items…•Dec 23, 2020

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