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Sharedproxies claims to have all its servers hosted in the United States and offers shared proxies at a low cost, while not compromising on its speed and reliability. They claim to offer the most anonymous and non-consequential proxies that can be used to visit a number of social media platforms such as Facebook, Scrapebox and Twitter. All the servers at Sharedproxies are hosted in various cities across the United States and have real-time server monitoring.

sharedproxies com review

If you are looking to surf in private and meaning to use proxies that are useful in that endeavor then Sharedproxies has the solutions for you. They claim that you would not be able to tell the difference between ordinary private proxies and their shared proxies. They say that the reason for this is that their proxies are hosted at world-class data centers and are run on very fast dedicated servers.

Packages and Pricing

Sharedproxies maintain the speed, quality and reliability of their servers but still offer low-cost solutions. This is because they limit the number of users of each proxy to 10. This is done by only allowing certain IPs to access the proxies. In essence, the customers are getting semi-private proxies.

Sharedproxies provides its customers with prices that are both competitive and reasonable. Let us take a look at their plans:

Standard Proxies

The most basic plan that Sharedproxies offers is the one which offers 10 proxies. This will cost you around $8 on a monthly basis. Each proxy comes up to about $0.80 each and offers you 1 subnet.

Sharedproxies has about 20 plans, which are mostly similar, but with minor differences in terms of the number of subnets and proxies.

The most expensive plan, for $3,999, will fetch you 20,000 proxies and 330 subnets. The bandwidth is unlimited on all the offers on display, and the delivery time on each is instant. This means that you would not have to wait for days after you pay to start using the proxy service. The proxy IPs are allocated to your account as soon as you purchase one of the plans. And you can start using your IPs immediately.

Ticketmaster Proxies

If you have been looking for Ticketmaster proxies, Sharedproxies provides you with exciting plans that offer you exclusive access to, meaning no other user would have access to that site. This means that you would have to needlessly worry about getting your proxies banned.

The most basic plan costs $16, and it will fetch you 5 Ticketmaster proxies with exclusive access to each of them. Just like the standard plans, the delivery plan on each is instant and the bandwidth is unlimited. The most expensive plan costs $650 and provides you with 253 Ticketmaster proxies.

Sharedproxies also provides Nike and Footsie proxies. Check out their website and get yourself a plan that’s tailor made for you.

Technical Specifications

Being completely anonymous, Sharedproxies’ proxies are able to protect your IP completely. The proxies supplied by Sharedproxies are non-sequential and can be used for anything the customer can think of, be it social networking websites such as Twitter, Facebook or Scrapebox or anything the customer desires. The proxies support both HTTP and HTTPS. The subnets that the user sees on the pricing page is just the minimum count; according to Sharedproxies, they are likely to get more than that number.

Speed and Bandwidth

Sharedproxies offers you blazing fast speeds at dedicated 100-1,000 Mbps connections. What’s more is that they are only shared among a maximum of 10 users, ensuring that the speed is maintained. The service is ready to use as soon as you subscribe for a plan without any delay, unlike a few other services.


Sharedproxies offers a fully-featured control panel which can be used to add additional IPs (for a fee), upgrade a plan or to maybe avail of a free offer they have available at the time.


Sharedproxies allows users to authenticate the proxies by permitting them access from specific IPs. Once they have been locked into a user’s IP, the user does not need a username or password to access them. This IP, now the authorized IP can be added used the control panel quite easily. By default, you are allowed to use one authorized IP for free. You can, of course, get as many as you need by paying a fee.

If the user is on a dynamic IP, they need not fret. Sharedproxies allows users to change their IPs as many times as needed. A URL provided to the users can automatically change that for the user without them having to do anything.

Geolocation of IPs and Data Centers

Sharedproxies’ proxies are situated in many cities across the United States including Denver, Buffalo, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle and Dallas.


This service does not offer a lot in terms of payment options, unlike other services in this category such as Bitcoin. But it offers the standard credit and debit card options (Discover, American Express, Visa, MasterCard, etc.). The only other option to pay is via PayPal. Wire transfer is not one of the payment options either.


Sharedproxies’ website says that you can use their services for any legal activities. Web mailing is allowed by the service, but the user cannot use it for mailing. If the proxies are not working for what the customer bought them for, they can mail the support team.


Overall, Sharedproxies seems like a small, but competent company to go with. They offer anonymity and reliability at an affordable price. Being a smaller company also means that there are not many users and thus, faster connections. They also seem to have a support staff that is very helpful and responsive.