Special Proxy Server Packages

What Is a Special Proxy Server?

We know about shared proxies and semi-dedicated proxies that cater to a blanket set of needs. You can use them for general browsing or watching movies, or in most cases, just remain anonymous while surfing the internet. But a lot of companies offer special proxy server packages that have proxies that have been specially designed to perform a specific task on a specific platform. As you may know, the major downside of buying and using regular proxies is that their histories might not be clean, and they may have been used on that platform before, leading to it being blocked or filtered out.

At the same time, when you tend to buy specific proxies for specific purposes, for example, Instagram, your connection would be assured, because these specific IPs would have never been used to connect to Instagram, and hence their history would be clean. The same logic extends to other platforms, such as ticketing, gaming, classified advertisement or sneaker proxies. And these set of proxies is known as special proxies; however, they are not specifically called that, but for the services they render, they  are considered ‘special’.

Most major players in the proxy field offer their own specific plans and “bundles” as they call them for most major online platforms. These providers sell you these IPs with the assurance that they have never been used before, and so, there is no risk of them being flagged or previously being abused by people with malcontent. They give you the assurance that these IPs have never been assigned before and so you can surf away with no worries about connectivity.

But we would like to add here that most of these websites sell proxies that have been specifically designed for major, well-known platforms (that have millions of users), and you may or may not easily find solutions for platforms that are lesser known. So there is no one-shot solution for all your needs. But before you go ahead and decide that you need dedicated, private or regular proxies, you should ask yourself if:

  • If you use proxies to log in to your account
  • Your proxies are used only on one account
  • Your proxy’s IP is needed to connect into a particular account
  • You have been locked out of certain websites before

If you agree to most of them, then yes, you require a special proxy server package. With these special packages, you would be allowed access the platform of your choice (given that it is a popular one), and your connection’s IP will go undetected.

Let’s take a look at the types of special proxies available on the market:

Shopping Proxies

Suppose you are a retailer and have been waiting with bated breath for the new Kanye West shoes that would be launched at a specific date. Now the news itself would be enough to set your heart racing, but the fact is that there are thousands (if not millions) of other shoe aficionados who are also waiting for them to be released so that they can make a purchase. The only glitch here is that these particular set of shoes are limited edition, and can be only had by a few lucky ones. So what do you do? You use a bot, of course, and pray that you were fast enough to get in the queue.

What a bot does, is speed up the checkout process on a particular website that it has been designed to, allowing you to place an order as soon as the new product has been launched. While doing so, your IP addresses would also be rotated, allowing you to make multiple purchases if that is what you intended to do and at the same time, preventing blacklisting.

Ticketing Proxies

We have all vied for that concert our favorite rock band or country singer is having in a nearby town and it has always happened that the tickets have been sold out before you could even make up your mind. Frustrating, isn’t it? Ticket aggregator sites such as Ticketmaster list tickets for such concerts which fly within minutes of them being available. And if you had thought of taking a bunch of friends along, you really had high hopes.

For such situations, a lot of providers make available Ticketmaster proxies that enable people to purchase batches of tickets available from their website. The proxy prevents your IP from getting banned or blocked from Ticketmaster and at the same time, helps you get past the queues. These optimized proxies might cost you a pretty penny, but if you really were looking forward to that once-in-a-decade concert, you might find it had all been worth it. All that would be required of you would be a Ticketmaster account, and sync your computer clock with atomic time.

Social Networks Proxies

Social media has expanded from just a place for meeting with friends to market your products to a much wider reach in the last few years. But this has led social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram to put restrictions, such as the creation of multiple accounts or the use of certain tools. And this is where web proxies come in handy.

Using these, you can not only create multiple accounts but also hide your identity, while allowing you to use the necessary tools but also remain anonymous and not let your IP be known. But all social media platforms are not built the same, and you would need to know precisely how each of them works before you venture into this world.

Classified Ad Proxies

If you are an advertiser who owns or works for a marketing firm where you are required to make multiple posts, or classified ads without getting banned and still remain anonymous, these proxies are for you. These proxies provide a vast pool of residential exit nodes, let you change location as often as needed, and also avoid being detected as a bot. These proxies work perfectly with platforms such as Craigslist and other classified ad websites.

Gaming Proxies

Now you understand why changing your IP address is important for buying online tickets or even buying sneakers. But why would you need to change your IP address for something as innocuous as online gaming? This is fairly easy to understand; sometimes, some games block out an entire range of IP addresses, and if your IP address falls under that series, you will be automatically banned for no fault of yours. This is one of the main reasons a lot of online gamers user gaming proxies. Some others, who use multiple accounts, use bots in MMORPG games to move forward.


What we’ve covered so far will help you understand why a lot of proxy providers offer special proxy server packages. These special proxies or IP address help you complete a specific task without the hassle of queuing up or waiting or sometimes just relying on chance. Though some people may look upon it as not the most ethical thing, they do help get the job done!