SquidProxies Review

Squid Proxies Review

If you spend a lot of time on the internet, then you probably have heard of Squid Proxies. Squid Proxies has been around for a while, you couldn’t have missed their logo plaster all over internet marketing forums. Squid Proxies has a large customer base. This United States-based company offers different packages for different types of uses and offers many great features such as multiple locations, fast servers and multiple subnets.

Packages and Pricing

Squid Proxies is quite popular among its customers for its low-cost plans and reliability.  Some users have claimed that it offers a “real” personal experience that they haven’t had with any other providers in the same category. Other advantages that Squid Proxies offers is the money-back guarantee, which a lot of other proxy services don’t.

Navigating to the pricing page is very easy, and there is no clutter on the website. You are straightaway presented with two options whether you want to opt for private, or shared proxies, making the whole experience quick and seamless.

Private Proxies

SPP-10, the lowest-priced private package that Squid Proxies has, is priced at $24 monthly and offers instant setup, 2 monthly cities and 4 subnets. This way, each proxy’s price is broken down at $2.40. There are a total of 9 plans. The highest-value package in this category is SPP-2000, and costs $1,500 and comes with 2,000 proxies and a choice of 10 cities. The plan also offers 20 subnets, and the cost of per proxy drops down to $0.75.

There are no options for customizing your plan in this segment.

Shared Proxies

This section offers 5 plans, and the lowest-priced shared package is called the SPS-100. This plan, priced at $100 monthly, offers 4 cities and 8 subnets. The total cost of each proxy is brought down to $1. Similarly, the highest-valued plan, SPS-1000 costs $650 and offers 7 cities and 14 subnets, bringing the cost of each proxy down to $0.65. They also offer their customers a customized plan where they can have a maximum of 5,000 proxies across 8 cities along with 16 subnets. This opens up in a form that lets you send your requirements to them.

Technical Specifications

They offer non-consequential IPs, which have fewer errors than their competitors and are reliable. Squid Proxies guarantees that the private proxies will work as per your satisfaction, but doesn’t offer any such thing with the shared proxies. It is therefore advised to new users that they consider private proxies to get more value for their buck.

Using them is simple, painless and requires no configuration. All you need to do is specify the IP and port in your browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari), or any application that supports HTTP/HTTPS proxies.

Speed and Bandwidth

Squid Proxies claims to have the largest number of proxies across the world and with 1,000+MBPS speeds with dedicated proxies. There are no server restrictions on the bandwidths, which makes it unlimited. They also say that there is no advertising on any of the anonymous proxies.


Squid Proxies offers a VIP manager which can be downloaded in a zip format. All you need to do is log in from your username and password and you will be asked to authorize your IP. The process will take about 5 minutes and you will be asked to test the proxies. The process is fairly simple and user friendly, and in case you are facing any troubles, the customer support is really responsive and quick.


Squid Proxies uses IP-based authentication. So effectively, all you have to do after authorizing your IP address is using the proxies directly. The system will not prompt you with a username or a password. A maximum of 10 IPs is allowed. You can make a change if you want in your control panel.

Geolocation of IPs and Data Centers

squidproxies locations
squidproxies locations

Squid Proxies offers a great selection of locations both inside the United States and internationally and they are available in the form of both, private and shared. If you are looking for a specific location for the proxies, you will need to submit a ticket after checking out. This is important to remember because otherwise you will be randomly allocated locations in the US.

In the US, the locations are New York, West Hollywood, Scranton, Hollywood, Seattle, Phoenix, Tampa, Kirkland and Hawthorne. The international locations include UK, India, China, Romania, Israel, Estonia, Zurich, Australia and Switzerland.


This proxy service offers a range of payment options like some other services for maximum convenience. The reason for this is that that a proxy service has to offer anonymity and security and hence, that should be reflected when it comes to payment options on their gateway.

You can use your debit or credit cards through 2Checkout (American Express, MasterCard and Visa), with an option for PayPal. Squid Proxies also offers Bitcoin payments (using Bitpay). Just the presence of Bitcoin payment means that the company is serious about anonymity and security.


According to Squid Proxies, you can use all their services for legal purposes. They allow services such as TweetAttacks, webmail and Scrapebox. For Craigslist, they say that customers have reported varied success with it, but it is not guaranteed. This could be due to its dynamic nature.


Squid Proxies may not be the best proxy provider out there, but it has been around for a while and it is trusted by a lot of its customers. But they provide great customer support and the downtimes are less. Besides, the setup times are really impressive. Overall, it is a great choice as far as proxy services are concerned.