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Website Guys List C review: bootlegmtg – Reddit

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Hi all, after learning that the Website Guys had produced a new preset list with a reproduced holo stamp, I was too curious to see what they were up to, and ordered a deck of what they call List C. I asked the Website Guys about where this list C is positioned in their current offering, and this is still called 4th Gen v2, revised on October. For reasons I’ll explain in the review, this would deserve to be called v3, but I think the idea is that this batch replaces the former v2, which you won’t be able to order anymore. Revised versions of List A and List B were produced as starting with this, I want to highlight something obvious but still worth mentioning: these guys are going iteration after iteration to improve on their errors and innovate. They can do so because they print cards themselves rather than reselling. In the current proxy scene, having good competition can only mean good things for us customers. I will focus on the holo stamped cards in this review, which are the real stars of the preset let’s start with one minor detail which I appreciated a lot: they improved the backs. See the photo below (left to right: Genuine, 4th Gen v3, 4th Gen v2): as you can see, the pattern and sharpness of v3 are way closer to a real card than v2. You can even spot a rosette pattern in v3, and even if it’s probably just a “reprinted” rosette, it’s still better looking than the non-rosette in v2. s move to the interesting part: the holo stamps. To get the first question out of the table, these are not print-only fake holos, neither holos cut from cards and glued: these are actual holo stamps. The WSG apparently have managed to actually produce them, because they’re very regular in shape and aspect, looking like being mass produced. This photo shows what your opponent is likely to see from a playing distance (proxy on top, genuine on bottom). Impressive, right? It’s very close to the real thing. If anything, it looks a bit too tall, but that’s nitpicking. You can’t seriously tell the difference at playing distance. it the exact same holo design of a genuine card? Not really, but close. This photo shows the pattern difference. As you can see, the genuine one has five planeswalker insignia, the proxy only has one. Keep in mind that it took me some time to find the right angle for this photo to fully show the difference, and at first glance the holo stamp looks just fine. think that in the current timeframe, where List C from WSG is the only proxy offering with decent holos, and word hasn’t spread yet about holo-stamped proxies, these will easily pass a cursory inspection. I think people will just see a genuine-looking holo and classify the card as genuine, assuming no holo stamped proxies exist. The golden age of these proxies is exactly right now. In a couple months from now, people will start becoming aware of holo-stamped proxies, just like they’re aware of paper on to the actual cards. The quality here is on par with the 4th Gen v2 standard cards, with the addition of the holo stamp. As you can see, the holo stamp position doesn’t change a bit from card to card, hinting that they have integrated the holo placing in the printing pipeline, no manual operation involved. I have no MM3 cards to compare them against, so I can’t really comment on the colors. Still, the WSG are known to do their job wrt color matching, see my earlier review of List A for color comparison on their Beta proxies:. If they paid the same attention, these are probably very close, the exception being Karakas which is really too yellow. are more stamped cards in the set, for a total of 19: they also have printed Tarmogoyf from MM3, but apparently I received an early iteration of the preset list where there was a printing error on it (no mana cost). They’re aware of the error and have fixed it; for full disclosure, I was offered to be sent a replacement fixed Tarmogoyf for free as soon as I reported the problem, but I declined as I’m not playing it in any deck other 5 holo stamped cards are non-foil versions of the Zendikar Expeditions lands. They can be useful for cube purposes addition to these 19 holo stamped cards, List C includes 37 more cards. I included in the last scan some proxies from Urza’s Saga, because I remembered somebody on this sub looking for a good Yawgmoth’s Will. You can find the full list here: C is at the bottom. I will add more scans of specific cards if detail, here’s a 600 dpi scan of shadowmoor/eventide duals. I think they look great, there admittedly is a little flaw in Twilight Mire, which I only realized after comparing with a HQ scan of the genuine card (can you spot it? I’ll update with the solution tomorrow). The rosette pattern in Cascade Bluff is particularly regular and beautiful compared to the other two. cards from the set: Through the Breach, Scapeshift, Cryptic Command, Engineered Explosives, Thoughtseize. All look fine to me, with a little exception on Cryptic Command (again, can you spot it? hint: I needed a loupe for this, but you can tell from the scan). Scapeshift might be a little too dark? I think I have some commons from Theros, not sure if at least one black that I can compare with Thoughtseize, I’ll check tomorrow. To comment on playability, yes I will run them. in the end, are these worth the money? I definitely think so. As I already wrote, these are the only decent holo stamped proxies on the market. The best time to play them is right now when people are still not aware of them. And lastly, I’ve been following these guys for some time at this point, and they’re improving release after release. It’s time to give them a second chance if you haven’t yet! Edit: added shadowmoor / eventide scans. Edit2: scans of more cards.
FAQs - MTG proxy cards

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FAQs – MTG proxy cards

Hottest question:why some cards at your website has no photos showing? Re: Because we’re upgrading our website, improving the structure, Single photos will be uploaded / sync up gradually from Apr 8th to Apr 22th. If you are not in a rush, you could find here 1) What mtg cards you can do? can you make hologram stamp new cards? can you make foil cards? Re: Literally, we can make all mtg sure we can do holostamped, foil and holofoil cards,.
2) Do you have any HD scans/photos or videos to check how your cards looking? Re: can check our video pageOr you can check our imgur HD photos album:3) How to place my order? I did not see any links to Search the cards you want at our website, then checkout to pay by paypal or credit card. If you still don’t understand, please email our sales service at will show you more details about how to pay by paypal, or credit card/prepaid card/bank transfer, etc.
4) Do you sell your preset lists only? or I can build my own deck list? Re: Both are can view our 13 premade lists at the link below:website-guys-13-premade-lists-ABCDE/H1S/H2S/H3S/F1S/F2S/F3S/M1S/M2SAnd you can build your own list from our “1034 Mass Produced Cards Pool”. Additionally, we support all other cards to be printed on white core, including flip cards! The 1034 Mass Produced Cards Pool can be viewed
5) What is your price for your preset 13 lists ABCDE/H1S/H2S/H3S/F1S/F2S/F3S/M1S/M2S? What about my own deck list? Re: You can view our prices on the Word document below:Websiteguys-Price-table-V21
6) What is your buyer protection policy? Re: If your package does not arrive, then we will give you a 100% the card quality is not as described, then contact us. Either partial refund you and you keep the cards, or return back the cards to get full refund. Either way, paypal buyer protection policy is the best in the world.
7) Can I check any customer reviews/feedback about your mtg cards? Re: Scroll down our website homepage, you will see a “Review Zone”.
8) What is your cards quality level? Do they pass any tests? What material made? Re: Our cards are FNM, LGS, EDH playable, and some are GP (Grand Prix) by German imported black core paper, mass produced by Heidelberg bend test, rip test, waterproof test. And no proxies can pass 100% light cards pass about 80% light test!
8)what’s the difference between 6th gen, 7th gen, 8th gen, 9th gen, 10th gen 11th gen? Re: No such big difference. They all use the same paper material, same Heidelberg Machine, same production process, It’s just the 11th gen is the latest new launched, time closer to the moment you are reading! And if it’s the same preset list but different generation, then the new generation fixed/improved some known bug of previous old gen.
9) Which countries do we ship to? Re: We ship to all countries except China ( including HK)
10) When did you start to make mtg proxies? Any company roadmap? Re: MTGproxycards Milestones:Established on core cards rocked on ebay, etsy, shopify from 2011 to stores got shut by wotc on 2016, WSG Black core paper cards was born to earth. Hologram/foil stamp cards are available from Sep 4th, 2017Foil cards and holofoil cards are ready from May 15th, 2018We expanded the “MP list Pool” from 192 to 495 different cards, since May 28th, 2018We was reported by Saffron Oilve from mtggoldfish on Aug 20th, 2018. expanded the “MP list Pool” from 495 to 664 different cards, since Feb 21th, 2019Unhinged foil lands, guru lands with bronze shining set symbol are ready since May 8th, of Sparks are ready since May 28th, expanded the “MP list Pool” from 664 to 696 different cards, since May 17th, 2019We expanded the “MP list Pool” from 696 to 714 different cards, since July 4th, 2019We expanded the “MP list Pool” from 714 to 842 different cards, since Aug 5th, 2019We expanded the “MP list Pool” from 842 to 973 different cards, since Oct 15th, 2019We expanded the “MP list Pool” from 973 to 1034 different cards, since Nov 19th, 2019
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