Why Do I Need German Proxies

Has it ever happened to you that after a couple of hours of peaceful surfing, your connection has suddenly gone away? Or, maybe you have tried to access a certain website from Germany to make a purchase, but it tells you that it is restricted? This usually happens when you have just a single IP address and a server with a poor connection. What you should know is that you can remedy this; there is a paid option, and of course, a free one.

As you probably know, free proxies are good until a point, but not entirely reliable. They may get you halfway, but the connection might go away when you need it most for any number of reasons. Besides, since they are free, they are always much in demand and for the same reason, are crowded and most are littered with embarrassing advertisements. You should also know that these proxies may have been used for malicious activities, and hence cannot be used on websites such as Ticketmaster or eBay.

If you are in Germany, and you need fast and reliable proxies for work or leisure, you should give these free proxies a pass. If you are a German national visiting or living in the United Kingdom for work, you would be peeved to find that many of the websites that you can normally open are inaccessible because of your location. What you can access is determined by your location, for example, banking websites. And the solution to this is a simple one; you will need to route your connection through a proxy server that is situated in Germany. So you would need to find a proxy server that is in Germany to access German sites that will not open elsewhere otherwise.

This is just one scenario. Want to know what other situations may demand a German proxy? Read on.

Making Money Online


If you are a regular visitor of eBay or its forums, you may have come across queries about whether the seller on the website is willing to ship out of Germany. This is mostly because on country-wise websites, resellers often make it clear that they only ship within the limits of a specific country.

Sometimes though, some vendors will agree to ship out to the country of your choice if you agree to the shipping charges. But before you do that, you will have to access the German eBay website and make a bid on the specific item, which the website’s algorithm won’t let you if you are not in Germany. The system just won’t allow you to bid because of restrictions.

So in order to access and bid on the German version of eBay (ebay.de), you would need German residential or data center proxies to let the website into believing that you reside in Germany, thus letting you bid for your preferred item successfully.

Classified Advertisements

Craigslist is a popular website that operates in more than 70 countries and over 500 cities, an is immensely popular with more than 450 million views per month! This makes it a very attractive destination for advertisers who want their ads to be seen by as many people as possible. But if you have a business in New York and you want to, say, post an advertisement in the Berlin edition of Craigslist, you cannot because of geoblocking. The server will simply deny you access to Craigslist’s Berlin page if you want to post an ad because of your location.

Residential German proxies can come in handy for such occasions. They will simply hide your real IP address and route you through an IP which is located in an area that is located in and around Berlin, making the posting of the ad real easy! Just make sure you choose a reliable vendor.

Optimizing SEO Campaigns

If you work for a website or have your own, chances are that you understand how important search engine optimization (SEO) is. If your SEO is in place, your website will be visited and your products will be sold more often and your business will be trusted. And chances are that you have gotten Google’s message telling you about making too many requests and the CAPTCHA box. And you cannot be filling out a CAPTCHA now and then.

A way around this is to buy German proxies which will not only convince the system that you are human but check your search engine rankings and you will never have to fill CAPTCHA again.

Promoting Social Media Accounts

Social media has become an important part of our lives and more so to the business community. You must have read or heard about the profits of your competitors skyrocket since after they started promoting themselves on social media. And you want in on the game too. But the small problem is that you are based out in Germany and social media websites have restrictions when it comes to geography. And if you have started your YouTube channel or started promoting your products on Twitter, you need a solution.

The German private proxies available these days will take care of your YouTube likes, dislikes, subscribers, or manage your Facebook likes, followers and reactions.


Buying Limited Sneakers

If you like sneakers, you are probably aware that big sneaker companies like Nike and Adidas release limited-edition sneakers from time to time. So great is the popularity that they are sold out in a very short time. What is more frustrating is that these are limited to one product per person and geographically restricted as well.

And just for this little hurdle, sneaker proxies come into the picture.

They will not only mask your real location but will also speed up the checkout process, saving you those crucial minutes when you can lose out to another shoe lover. So go on, make your bid for that pair of Koi sneakers!

Geo-Restricted Web Content

Geoblocking is a wide term which can be applied to numerous practices; it can be blocking popular streaming services or blocking the content on certain websites. Now how geoblocking works is a topic for another article, but circumventing it is quite easy.

Proxy servers once again come to the rescue, as they act as intermediaries and pass your requests as their own. No matter where you are in the world, you will appear as if you are in Germany.

Anonymous Surfing

Are you a paranoid android? Don’t like your own IP out there for snooping while you watch your favorite videos on YouTube or post unabashedly on forums? If you’re tight on budget, then safe money and rent the shared DE proxies. With the kind of German proxies available, you can not only hide your IP address but also secure your internet connection and hide from those monitoring your web traffic.


By now, you must have understood why you need Germany proxies. You would need a Germany-based proxy to gain access to local websites which could be inaccessible from outside Germany. Bypass web blocks and securely surf and post on the internet without leaving a trace behind.