Why Do I Need Russian Proxies

You must be aware of the restrictions websites put out for visitors from outside their region if you are one of those people who spends a lot of time online surfing or conducting business. This holds true, especially if you are Russian or are learning the language, or are just curious to see what that country has to offer in terms of popular culture, but you simply cannot access the websites.

You would certainly feel homesick if are an expat living in the US and you cannot get your daily dose of programmes on Rutube or TNT-online, and simply don’t want what Netflix has to offer. These are good enough reasons to find out how to access these websites that offer content that is exclusive to Russia. So how do you go about it? Don’t get worried just because it is Russia; you don’t need any hacking done or don’t require any complicated software.

You would, of course, need Russian proxies if you are residing outside of the country and want to continue enjoying your favorite content. These servers would allow you to be anywhere in the world, without the fear of anyone finding out what you are accessing. Want to know why else you would need Russian proxies? Read on.

Making Money Online

Avito and Other Classified Advertisements

A lot of classified advertisement websites such as Craigslist, OLX or Avito.ru keep a limit on how many ads you can post per IP address. This is largely done to discourage spam and fake posters. At the same time, they also have region-wise restrictions, meaning if you live outside of Russia, you cannot post an ad for Moscow from Paris. But if you are a regular poster and want to expand your business, this would not be satisfied.

As a counter, you will need to buy Russian proxies so that when you visit the website to post your ad, it will read you as a resident of the particular region (where you want to post) and let you post an ad. You can also opt for Russian residential proxies, which will let you post as many ads as you want to.

Yandex and Google.ru SEO Campaigns

If you have dealt with a search engine optimization job, chances are that you have encountered a situation where you have been sent a message asking you to identify yourself as human. And since most of your times is spent researching your competitors, your industry and data collecting, you cannot afford to be mistaken for a spammer or a bot and risk banning your IP.

Investing in Russian proxy servers if you are optimizing your website for the country is a good idea. Not only will the server make sure that you are not banned, but it will also perform numerous tasks for you such as creating multiple accounts on a website, get rid of the need to fill a CAPTCHA and also help you check your website’s rankings on popular search engines.

Get Popular in Social Media Networks

If you are an expat who is fairly active on popular Russian social media networks such as Vk.com and Ok.ru, accessing them out of Russia would be a problem if you haven’t yet thought of using proxy servers. Especially if you are an entrepreneur, you cannot ignore the importance of Russian proxies because of the geographical restrictions you have if you live outside of Russia.

The proxies you choose would come in handy if you want to use numerous accounts, share and comments on photos on Instagram, Retweet, post and reply to Tweets (on Twitter) or get Rutube likes, dislikes and subscribers. Don’t be greedy, use for social media private RU proxies only!

Buying Limited Products

Copping Sneakers

In the old days, sneaker buying was a simple exercise which involved you walking into a shoe store, selecting a pair of sneakers, paying and then walking out in the new sneakers if you chose to do so. That much still holds true, but these days big sneaker companies have a tendency to release limited-edition sneakers, which are lapped up by sneaker lovers before you can say, Nike! Also, these sneaker websites just allow one product per person which won’t work for you if you plan to sell them further.

Buying a Russian sneaker proxy allows you to select the city that is closest to the sneaker site, and make it look like you are not one, but several people accessing the website from several locations.


Quite recently, the Russian government decided to ban messaging app Telegram, under the allegation that it was being used by terrorists. Ordinarily, it would mean that Russian expats using this app to stay in touch with their loved ones and friends, are unfairly restricted from using the app.

But that is turning out to be an unfounded fear, as a lot of expats now have turned to proxy servers to access the messaging service. Shared Russian proxies are OK for this. Another way to connect the service is via VPN, but it is slightly more expensive.

Geo-Restricted Web Content

If you are a Russian citizen who has recently shifted to the United States, you may have had trouble connecting to websites such as Rutube or Moi Mir (Russian equivalent to Google+) or Matchtv.ru. This is because these websites are geo-restricted. But all hope is not lost.

A Russian proxy server will act as a middleman and will give you access to the restricted content. Using a proxy server will put you in the location of your hometown (if you so wish to) and your preferred content will be unlocked for you.

Other Reasons

If you are a Russian expat, you are no stranger to the fact that the Russian government is highly into internet surveillance, and can even lock or enforce restrictions whenever it is convenient for them. This reason should be enough for you to invest in proxy servers that can help you protect your privacy by encrypting your online traffic and provide you access where it has been outright banned.

Anonymous Surfing

With the use of Russian proxies, your IP would be masked and give you anonymity. If you are someone who visits P2P networks or uses torrents quite frequently, a Russian proxy server will not only mask your identity but also bypass restrictions on torrent sites which you otherwise would not be able to access.


Hopefully, this article has made you a little aware of why you need Russian proxies. They not only work towards keeping your identity masked, but they are also discreet and reliable. But be fair warned, be very careful while choosing a proxy server, and avoid the fly-by-night operators.