About You

Since you are on this site, I would assume that you’re a moneymaker. You are interested in a proxy server – a powerful and flexible tool needed to automate the collection and processing of information on the Internet. The purpose of these processes is to make money.

Maybe you’re a novice entrepreneur. As it usually happens, you bought some “magic” program for the purpose of doing something quickly, and then make money on it. And you then immediately discovered that you would need a proxy server for efficient use of the program you bought. You’ve already tried searching for a proxy server in Google. Now you have a whole bunch of new problems and the list of your tasks has doubled: new concepts, which are not easy to understand, as well as dozens of services vying with each other in everyway possible for your patronage.

Start with The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Proxy Server. In this guide, I’ve collected and systematized all my customers’ frequently asked questions over the past few years.

Or maybe you’re an experienced entrepreneur. Proxy for you is not a new word. You’ve used proxy servers many times and you don’t need any theory. Now you just need to quickly find the necessary server package based on a certain criteria.

For those like you, I’ve developed the Proxy Package Finder in which I tried to use only important specifications and numbers that you can verify. And based on these specifications and numbers, you can find and compare the proxy packages of known providers.

In any case, welcome to the website! I’ve tried all I can to make the site useful for you.

About Me

My name is André. I’ve been into proxy servers in my entire adult life.

It all began in 2004 with eBay, where I unexpectedly sold one item (a digitally delivered good). I was very lucky and the goods were sold for $23. This was the first sale and the first self-earned money in my life. That day changed my life.
Without going into technical details, I would say that to create this product, I needed a program (I had it) and many proxy servers of which I had a poor idea.

The idea of making money without leaving your home completely captivated me and I absorbed all the information about proxy, which I could find on the Internet, including in closed semi-legal forums.
A couple of weeks after many attempts and failures, an IP scanner worked on my home computer in a 24/7 mode, checking the IP address ranges for open ports. So I searched for proxies. I installed the same scanner on my mother’s computer. I ran another copy of the scanner daily on a server in the college and turned it off when going home.

In all my free time, I updated the received proxy lists, deleted duplicates, etc.

Later, I abandoned scanning ports (this was risky and could entail legal problems) and limited myself to collecting public proxies.

Long story short.. in the next 2 years, I already had 2000+ sales on eBay (and a PowerSeller status with 100% positive rating as a bonus) and as many sales through my first site on Joomla.

In the years that followed, I engaged in affiliate marketing. Thanks to shortcomings that were inherent in Google’s algorithms in those years, it was relatively easy – with minimal knowledge of HTML and ranking principles – to enter any niche within days and earn easy money.
Truly speaking, this was achieved by creating a huge number of low-quality generated sites. I promoted everything from Amazon Associates to generic drugs.

Proxies gave a huge advantage in keyword parsing, content scraping, generation of doorway pages/parasites, bulk registration of free blog accounts and posting. They also simplified SERP ranking in such highly competitive niches as online casinos, ED medications, payday loans, etc.
Next followed PBN creation, content curation, social media promotion, where my proxy experience greatly facilitated life.


Since 2013 and to this day, I’m a member of the team of one of the well-known proxy companies. My responsibilities include marketing and customer assistance.

I decided to create this project four years after working with that proxy service provider.

About the Project

Project Purpose

It is my private project. It wasn’t planned as an income source. Its function is auxiliary. I send my proxy service clients here:
• If the company where I work doesn’t have what the client needs.
For example, customized solutions (rare countries, special settings, etc.)

• If I know or suspect that our proxy servers are not the best choice for that particular client at the moment.
For example, I learned from a previous client that he was banned on a certain site for using our servers and certain a software solution. In this case, the next likely buyer with the same combination of software + target site will receive from me a link to this site and recommendations on what to focus on when choosing a proxy package.

• If the client needs explanation of any technical issue or he needs to start from the very beginning – with what a proxy server is.

Neutrality Policy

In Proxy Package Finder, links to the websites of providers contain an affiliate code. So, in case you click on one of them and make a purchase, I will get a percentage of the sale as a reward from this provider.
Nevertheless, I am extremely negative about attempts to influence the decisions of the site visitor.
Therefore, here is a list of what you will never find on the site:

– paid / sponsored listings
– ads, baners or other marketing materials
– any kind of rank lists (e.g. “top 3 providers for Facebook”, “best proxy providers for Instagram” etc)

I’m convinced that any of the above actions is nothing but manipulation with the aim of compelling the site visitor to purchase the services of a certain provider. This is not fair both in relation to providers and to site visitors.

Source of Information for Proxy Package Finder

Any information published here was collected personally by me from various sources:
– My own shopping experience (yes, I buy proxy servers from competitors for some of my tasks)
– Information from colleagues
– Information from customers
– Information from open sources

Relevance of Information

Since automatic methods are not used to collect and publish information, and I don’t delegate this task, the information may be incomplete or outdated.
Therefore, the site can serve only as a mere instruction and should not be seen as an accurate guide to action (note that the site is called ProxyCompass, not ProxyGPS).

If you are a representative of a proxy service provider or its client, and would like to submit or correct the information published here, please write me about it.