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Why Do You Need Proxies for AdsPower Browser?

To get the most out of AdsPower and all the features it provides, it is important to be familiar with the basics of the antidetect browser and proxy servers. To understand this better, let us start here.

AdsPower Browser Overview

AdsPower’s AntiDetect Browser is a powerful tool for online privacy and automation. It is similar to other browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla, but offers superior anonymity and a lower risk of detection. This browser allows users to open multiple browsers at once, each with its own independent digital fingerprint. This is a great help for business owners who need to optimize their marketing campaigns, increase their visibility, and protect their brand from unauthorized use. AdsPower provides a free plan for beginners, a paid plan for teams, and a custom plan for those who require a higher level of management. With this browser, users can scrape websites, run self-tests, compare prices, compare and analyze ad effects from different profiles, and run ad campaigns from multiple accounts.

Proxy Servers Overview

ProxyCompass provides access to millions of IP addresses from different countries around the world, allowing you to mask your real IP address and location. Through this service, you can appear as if you are located in another region, bypassing geo-restrictions and accessing sites that may not be available in your current area. A proxy server works by taking your web request and routing it through a separate IP address before it reaches the target website. This way, the website servers think your request is coming from another computer, thus providing you with anonymity and privacy online.

The Role of Proxies in AdsPower Browser

If you’d like to utilize AdsPower browser for activities such as managing multiple accounts and automated operations, then you must employ a proxy. This is because the majority of websites do not permit these activities so they can promptly detect them and bar all accounts that originate from your IP.

By using a proxy, your real IP address will be shielded and a different one will be utilized for each browser window and account. That way, website servers will not be aware that you are managing multiple accounts. Instead, they will think each account belongs to a distinct authentic user in a different region. This will help you use each browser window independently and avoid IP bans.

Best Proxies for AdsPower Browser

When it comes to AdsPower browser, the best proxies to use are residential proxies, especially rotating residential proxies, which automatically change your IP address as needed. With ProxyCompass, you can take advantage of rotating proxies so each request will come from a new IP address. Additionally, sticky sessions can be used to maintain the same IP for a certain interval ranging from 30 seconds to 24 hours.

Datacenter proxies can provide high-speed internet connections; however, for optimal security, residential proxies are recommended as they come from genuine devices with real internet connections.

It is important to stay away from free proxies as they may leak your personal data. Instead, opt for a premium provider such as ProxyCompass, which offers reliable residential and datacenter proxies, so you can use all AdsPower features without worrying about IP bans.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About AdsPower Browser Proxies

To change the proxy, go to the AdsPower browser and click on Account Manager. Under the green Batch Import button, you’ll find the Single Import button. Click it and then select the type of proxy you have from the drop-down menu. Enter the host address or IP address, proxy port, username, and password from your proxy provider. Click Check Proxy and, if all is well, open the browser profile by clicking the Open button. You can also change your proxy by clicking the green button directly below the Account ID.

AdsPower browser proxy is a residential or datacenter proxy that is compatible with the antidetect browser. It is available in different protocols, such as SOCKS5, HTTP, and HTTPS.