Proxy packages with German IP-addresses

  • SOCKS5 / HTTP Protocols
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • IP & Login/Password Authorization
  • List Updates Upon Request
  • API Access

  • SOCKS5 / HTTP Protocols
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • IP & Login/Password Authorization
  • List Updates Upon Request
  • API Access

  • SOCKS5 / HTTP Protocols
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • IP & Login/Password Authorization
  • List Updates Upon Request
  • API Access

  • SOCKS5 / HTTP Protocols
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • IP & Login/Password Authorization
  • List Updates Upon Request
  • API Access

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  1. Register on our website.
  2. Contact our technical support team via the ticket system, stating your test proxy request and usage purpose.
  3. Receive a 60-minute test proxy with 50 diverse IP addresses from multiple countries to fulfill your testing needs.

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Why Use A Germany Proxy Server?

Enhanced privacy

To protect your online privacy in Germany, we recommend using premium German proxies. By using these proxies, your unique IP address will be hidden and your traffic encrypted, making it impossible to be tracked, no matter if it’s governmental surveillance or malicious cybercriminals. Germany has some of the strictest data protection and online surveillance laws in the world, so make sure to take the necessary precautions.

Data scraping

If you are looking to scrape the German online market, ProxyCompass’ lightning-fast proxies are the best you can find. They can help you make the right investment decision by allowing you to compare prices, track competition, and connect with potential customers. All of this can be achieved through the use of our German IP addresses.

Managing content

Proxies are a beneficial tool for both home users and businesses to manage their content. With our proxies, you can easily block access to webpages such as adult sites on a home network or gaming sites on a business network. Our proxies are user-friendly and simple to use for everyone.

Social media management (SMM)

With our German IP addresses, social media marketing managers can have access to 60 million potential customers in Germany. We guarantee privacy, anonymity, and the highest speeds for social media marketing campaigns. With us, you can create multiple accounts on their social media sites to get to know your buyers.

Unrestricted content

Unlock Germany’s Netflix library with ease by switching your IP address to one of our 316,824 German proxies. We guarantee HD streaming without interruption, with speeds fast enough for the best possible streaming experience. Plus, we provide a 99.9% uptime to make sure your viewing doesn’t get interrupted. Enjoy countless hours of unique content from Germany with no hassle.

Market analysis

With a Germany IP address, you can use German proxy servers to your advantage to save money by conducting an extensive price comparison of the European Union’s largest product manufacturer. Knowing where to find the best prices for consumer goods in the long run will be beneficial to you in the end.

Reasons to avoid using a free Germany proxy

The use of free proxy services in Germany is not recommended for a number of reasons. When considering why someone would give away a proxy service for free, it is important to note that sometimes they may be making money by stealing your data. Furthermore, free proxies can make webpages load in HTTP, leaving encryption behind and making all of your online activities visible. Additionally, these services can be created by cybercriminals to monitor online traffic and use your data for malicious purposes. The service owner is often hidden and untraceable, making it difficult for law enforcement to investigate should an issue arise.

Utilize the quickest Germany proxy addresses

If you’re looking for a reliable proxy service in Germany, ProxyCompass is the way to go. Our proxy servers are guaranteed to be up 99.9% of the time and have zero fail rates. We provide residential proxy servers with real user IP addresses, ensuring the highest quality service with excellent speeds regardless of the bandwidth scope. So, if you’re looking for a fast and reliable proxy service in Germany, ProxyCompass is the perfect choice.

Experience our top-notch Germany IP addresses

At our company, we are committed to providing our users with the best proxy service possible given the strict German internet laws. We are always increasing the size of our German proxy server pool to meet the growing demand for these services in the region. We offer a wide range of proxy types for different purposes. For instance, residential proxies are ideal for bypassing geographical restrictions and accessing restricted German content. Sneaker proxies can help you stay ahead of the latest fashion trends. Datacenter proxies are useful for complex business operations. Get in touch with us now and you can start using a German IP address in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Germany proxies

A German proxy is an intermediary server that allows you to route your internet connection through a server located in Germany, granting you a German IP address. This facilitates enhanced privacy, access to Germany-specific content, and secure internet browsing.

German proxies serve a myriad of purposes including accessing geo-restricted content within Germany, web scraping, gaming, streaming, and ensuring secure and anonymous web browsing. They are invaluable for individuals and businesses needing a German IP address.

All these proxy servers support HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS, and SOCKS5 protocols at the same time, accommodating a wide range of networking needs.

We utilize IP address authentication and combined authentication methods (IP address + Username and Password) for our German proxies, ensuring secure access.

Each German proxy can be used on 1 device at a time to provide a dedicated and secure connection.

Our German proxies are hosted in data centers, offering reliable and high-speed connections suitable for various online activities.

We provide static proxies. For dynamic proxy options, please refer to this link

We offer both dedicated and shared static proxies to suit different requirements and budgets.

Proxies are automatically assigned from various cities across Germany to ensure comprehensive coverage and reliability.

The number of IP addresses is determined by the selected package. For more IPs, please reach out to our support team.

Yes, you can request the exclusion of specific IPs or subnets by getting in touch with us.

Some IP overlap is possible. To avoid duplicates, consider purchasing proxies from various countries or consult with our support team.

They may not be ideal for Google services. Rotational proxies could be more suitable for such requirements.

Payment options include credit and debit cards, Alipay, Webmoney, and all major cryptocurrencies, offering you flexibility.

Yes, a trial version is available. For access, please contact our support team.

Certainly, we offer a 24-hour money-back guarantee for our proxy services.

What Do Our Users Say About Us?

Good Proxies, Good Price

I’m really liking what I get from Proxy Compass – it’s simple to use, doesn’t hit the wallet too hard, and gets the job done, especially for my digital marketing stuff. Their customer service is on point too; they get back to you quick and sort things out. The prices? Totally fair in my book.One little snag I ran into was that not every proxy package worked for the site I was targeting. Gave them a shout to switch up a few IPs, and boom, back in business. They’ve got a massive pool of fresh, well-kept proxies, which is pretty sweet.

Top-Tier Proxy Provider Experience

Undoubtedly the finest proxy service I’ve encountered. Their exceptional service, coupled with competitive pricing, sets them apart. The proxies are stable, and the support team is always on hand to provide immediate assistance. The flexibility in selecting or excluding specific subnets or countries, along with other features, is particularly noteworthy.

Excellent as always

I’ve been using proxycompass for my marketing research, and the accuracy and speed of their proxies have significantly improved my workflow. Also, kudos to their support team for always being there.

Dependable Proxy Service

This proxy service has proven to be exceptionally reliable. The setup process for the proxies is swift, and the round-the-clock customer support has been a significant advantage. The IPs provided are dependable, with no problems related to speed or restrictions. Additionally, the range of countries and subnets available is quite impressive. It’s definitely a worthwhile option for anyone in need of proxy services.

Proxies work as they supposed to. All good

Coming from, I was used to a certain level of service. ProxyCompass not only matched it but exceeded my expectations with their enhanced features and robust support system.

Recently switched to Proxy Compass from…

Recently switched to Proxy Compass from another service and I’m genuinely impressed. The transition was smooth, and their customer service, especially Maria, was incredibly helpful throughout. Highly recommended for their reliable connections.

Who can benefit from utilizing Germany proxies?

Discover high-quality German proxies for secure and reliable internet browsing. Our packages include 200, 500, 1000, 3000, and 5000 static IPs, supporting SOCKS5 and HTTP/HTTPS protocols. Ideal for managing multiple accounts, data collection, accessing region-specific content, and more, starting at just 6 cents per IP. Get your German proxies today!