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Online Shopping Made Easy With AIO Bots

An AIO bot (or an all-in-one bot) is designed to purchase sneakers and other items from more than one website. It is faster, more efficient and versatile than regular bots, however, they are limited in availability and require an invitation to access in most cases. The following features are commonly seen in AIO bots: auto credit card check for multiple websites, multithreading support, link monitoring, auto-retry checkout and proxy support.

It is essential to use proxies when using an AIO bot as they help to keep your identity anonymous and secure. Proxies also allow you to access multiple websites simultaneously and to bypass any restrictions or blocks that may be in place. By using proxies with an AIO bot, you can increase your chances of success when buying sneakers or other items.

Why Do You Need Proxies for AIO Bots

Using an AIO bot to purchase limited-edition sneakers and other popular items is a popular technique among sneakerheads. However, due to the “one pair per customer” rule, it is likely that your requests will get detected and you will be banned if all your requests come from the same IP address. To avoid this, you need to use proxies – intermediary online servers that will handle your internet traffic, sending your requests and receiving responses on your behalf. Proxies allow you to purchase sneakers from several websites without the worry of detection, as your orders will look like they’re coming from different customers. Also, proxies can help you get around limited-edition sneakers only being available in select regions, as you can use an alternative IP in a suitable location. Lastly, if you get banned for any reason, you can use a proxy server to regain access and start over with a new account. All in all, a proxy is an absolute necessity for AIO bot users, as it is designed to automate the sneaker purchase process on several websites at a single instance, and this means the bot will be sending several requests at once, which could raise eyebrows if coming from a single IP address. Thus, you can use several IP addresses to avoid detection with a proxy.

Best Proxies for AIO Bots

When it comes to AIO bots, ProxyCompass is the perfect solution. Our premium proxy service sources both residential and mobile proxies, which are ideal for copping limited-edition sneakers. Residential proxies are sourced from real devices with ISP-issued IP addresses, making them 100% authentic and indistinguishable from other regular users. Meanwhile, our mobile proxies are sourced from mobile network providers, ensuring they’re just as efficient as residential proxies. With more than enough experience in the business and custom-tailored copping proxies, ProxyCompass can meet all your AIO bot proxy-related needs. Get in touch today!


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Oliver Johnson

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About AIO Bot Proxies

AIO (All In One) bots are specifically created to purchase limited-release sneakers from multiple online stores all at once. These bots are faster and more efficient than regular sneaker bots due to their superior ability to process multiple tasks simultaneously.

You have to buy proxies separately, as they are not included with shopping bots.

Using AIO bot proxies can help you cop sneakers from various online stores without getting detected and while staying anonymous. However, it is important to make sure that you do not break any laws or go against any of the shop’s terms of service.

Using proxies can help you acquire an unlimited amount of limited-edition sneakers and other products without detection, as they provide you with a new IP address for each request, making it seem like the requests are coming from multiple users. That is why it is important to have access to many different proxies.