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What Is AliExpress?

Since its creation twelve years ago, AliExpress has undergone several changes. Originally founded and headquartered in China by the Alibaba Group as a business-to-business platform, it has since evolved into an extensive consumer shopping site. AliExpress now offers deals better than its more popular counterparts and supports eleven languages on its website. This is especially beneficial for drop-shippers from other platforms. Additionally, the company recently launched its AliExpress Portals affiliate marketing program that enables businesses to increase their revenue by integrating AliExpress into their existing lineup. With customers from over two hundred countries, AliExpress is a major player in the continuously growing online shopping industry.

Why You Need Proxies for AliExpress

Recently, AliExpress has had its share of controversy. The Better Business Bureau gave AliExpress an F rating with more than one hundred customer complaints in a one-year timespan, and the United States Trade Representative Office includes AliExpress in their “Notorious Markets for Counterfeiting and Piracy” list. Security-conscious users should maintain vigilance when shopping online and exercise good judgment with their personal information.

Proxies can provide greater security by stopping any maliciously crafted advertisements that can force your device to divulge its IP address and other details. Proxies also give you access to broader markets by substituting the proxy’s region for yours. If you are in an area that has taken to blocking AliExpress entirely, you can use a proxy to bypass these blocks and access the site freely.

Additionally, proxies can speed up your connection while shopping for timed deals. Our proxies are designed to ensure peak performance even during peak hours, allowing you to browse confidently.

Time Is Money: Save Both With ProxyCompass

You want to save money while maintaining your privacy online — and that’s why you chose AliExpress. Now take the next step to protect yourself and your data with one of our high-speed, secure, anonymous proxies. With our advanced features, you can bypass restrictions and access selections from other regions, all while staying safe and secure. Plus, our simple subscription model offers ultimate frugality with no lengthy contracts. You can browse with our proxies as much as you want for one low monthly price, and our dedicated, friendly support team is available 24/7 if you ever need help. Protect yourself today and shop in safety with our proxies!


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Lily Parker

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About AliExpress Proxy

AliExpress proxies are a great way to shop safely and securely on These proxies are fast, reliable, and provide the highest level of privacy for consumers who value their security.

Our static residential proxies provided by our ISP are fast, secure, and private, and come with full SOCKS5 and HTTPS support. These proxies offer superior protection and complete privacy for your transactions.