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Safe and Efficient Amazon Web Scraping With Proxies

Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer and one of the top cloud service providers. It began as a small online bookstore in 1994 and has since grown to accommodate more than 30 million users and generate a revenue of $470 billion in 2021. The platform offers a wide variety of products, ranging from appliances to toys, that draw in a diverse group of shoppers from all over the world. Additionally, Amazon integrates the latest tech into its business model with devices and apps like Alexa and Echo. The Prime membership, which costs $12.99 per month, also provides a variety of perks such as Prime Video, Prime Early Access, Prime Delivery, and fast delivery, with some orders arriving as early as the same day. All of these factors contribute to making Amazon an appealing choice for retailers.

Why Do You Need Proxies for Amazon?

Proxies for Amazon serve one primary function: web scraping for Amazon. This involves gathering data from the platform on a large scale, such as products, suppliers, and sellers.

Amazon holds an abundance of valuable data, including items for sale, seller details, product history, and more. This information can be extremely useful, as you can use it to anticipate trends and adjust your pricing accordingly.

To access this data, one could use an automated data scraping tool. Unfortunately, this approach carries one major downside: the tool will send high volumes of requests, which could easily breach Amazon’s threshold. This means that your IP address will be detected, and you will be banned from the platform.

A proxy can help to avoid this issue. By assigning different IPs to each request, it will seem like the requests are coming from various Amazon shoppers, rather than a single source. This way, you can scrape Amazon data without detection or bans.

Best Proxies for Amazon

If you’re looking for a reliable way to scrape Amazon without getting detected, blocked, or banned, then ProxyCompass is the perfect proxy provider for you. We have extensive experience and solutions tailored for web scraping, so you can be sure that your requests will come from different IPs and locations. This way, there’s no way for Amazon or any other platform to connect them to your original IP address and location.

You can select either a rotating residential or datacenter proxy. Residential proxies are sourced from internet service providers, making them traceable to real physical devices connected to the internet. They’re very reliable because their traffic looks like regular user-generated traffic. However, they are usually more expensive when compared to datacenter proxies, which are sourced from cloud servers. Depending on your financial might, either proxy will do just fine for Amazon. With ProxyCompass, you can rest assured that your scraping needs will be taken care of. Get in touch today!


Data scraping is an essential part of my research process, and ProxyCompass has made it seamless. With their datacenter proxy servers, I can scrape websites without IP restrictions or blocks. It’s a reliable solution for gathering valuable data. ProxyCompass, you’re a lifesaver!

Mia Evans

Social media plays a crucial role in my online presence, and ProxyCompass has been a reliable ally. With their datacenter proxy servers, I can manage multiple social media accounts effortlessly, schedule posts, and engage with my audience effectively. Thank you, ProxyCompass!

Olivia Anderson

ProxyCompass has been instrumental in my competitor analysis. With their datacenter proxies, I can anonymously access competitor websites, monitor their strategies, and gain valuable insights to stay ahead in the market. ProxyCompass, you’re my competitive edge!

Sophia Patel

Website testing is a critical part of my development process, and ProxyCompass has simplified it. With their datacenter proxies, I can test website functionalities, run performance checks, and ensure a seamless user experience across different locations. ProxyCompass, you’re my testing companion!”

Lily Parker

Ad verification has become a breeze with ProxyCompass. Their datacenter proxy servers enable me to check ad placements and monitor campaigns from different locations. It’s an essential tool for ensuring transparency and maximizing ad performance. ProxyCompass rocks!

Sophia Anderson

ProxyCompass has been my go-to solution for secure online transactions. With their datacenter proxies, I can browse e-commerce websites, make purchases, and protect my financial information from potential threats. ProxyCompass, you’ve given me peace of mind!

Henry Turner

Collecting stock market data requires speed and accuracy, and ProxyCompass delivers both. Their datacenter proxy servers enable me to scrape financial websites efficiently and gather real-time data for informed decision-making. ProxyCompass is a must-have for any serious investor.

Emily Scott

Email protection is crucial in today’s digital landscape, and ProxyCompass has been my go-to solution. Their datacenter proxies add an extra layer of security, keeping my communication safe from prying eyes. I can trust ProxyCompass to safeguard my privacy.

Noah Wilson

Review monitoring is essential for managing online reputation, and ProxyCompass makes it effortless. Their datacenter proxies enable me to track and analyze reviews across multiple platforms, helping me stay proactive in addressing customer feedback. ProxyCompass, you’re my reputation guardian!

Lucas Mitchell

Search engine crawlers are the backbone of my website’s visibility, and ProxyCompass ensures their smooth operation. With their datacenter proxies, I can optimize my SEO strategies, monitor rankings, and stay ahead of the competition. ProxyCompass, you’re my SEO secret weapon!

Chloe Turner

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Benjamin Roberts

Price comparison is a breeze with ProxyCompass. Their datacenter proxies allow me to access various e-commerce platforms simultaneously, compare prices, and find the best deals. It’s a time-saving and money-saving tool that I can’t live without. ProxyCompass, you’re my shopping companion!

Ethan Patel

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Amazon Proxies

Proxies for Amazon are designed to conceal your IP address when accessing the platform. This is essential when conducting web scraping as it helps to avoid getting blacklisted.

If you’re gathering data manually, the process can be quite time consuming. However, automating the process is much quicker. Combining web scraping with reliable proxies will ensure that you can get your data quickly, without running into any issues with the target website such as being blocked or banned.

Gathering publicly available data from the internet is perfectly legal, as long as it is not protected by a username and password. Scraping this information is not illegal.

Without reliable proxy servers, scraping the web will not be successful. If too many requests are sent from a single IP address, the target website will quickly block the IP. This issue can be solved by using reliable rotating proxies, which will change the IP address used after every request or after a set period of time.