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About Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is the most recent installment in the long-running Counter-Strike series. CS:GO is a remake of Counter-Strike: Source, which itself is a remake of the original Counter-Strike mod for Half-Life. CS:GO brings improved graphics and compatibility with modern hardware, as well as gameplay tweaks such as increased player health and more strategic combat. In addition, weapon firing rate and recoil have been altered, adding some newness to the game. CS:GO is available for free on Steam, while an additional downloadable (called Operation Riptide) can be purchased for $14.99 at the time of this guide.

How Proxies Play With CS:GO

Don’t let the nefarious activities of cheaters like RatBot, OGC, and Xania taint your opinion of proxies in FPS games. Proxies actually offer many benefits, one of which is the ability to unblock traffic. This can be used to bypass geo-fenced media or shopping sites, as well as to bypass restrictions of gaming protocols. Proxies are also helpful in reducing lag, which can be improved both in-game and externally. In-game settings such as rate and cl_cmdrate can be adjusted to speed up responsiveness online. Additionally, proxies can improve DNS lookup and route traffic based on server location, resulting in the best performance in CS:GO regardless of where you play.

Global Proxies for Global Offensive

ProxyCompass offers you a comprehensive selection of high-quality proxies from around the world. Our infrastructure is designed to be fast, reliable, and secure, so you can game seamlessly without any issues, even late into the night. Our network professionals are available 24/7 to offer support if you need it.

Experience the difference with superior networks and get in touch with us now to see how ProxyCompass can help you achieve your gaming goals.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About CS:GO Proxy

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) proxies are designed to improve the game’s network performance by acting as a relay between the player and the game server.

The compatibility of using datacenter or residential ISP proxies for CS:GO largely depends on the device’s network and firewall settings.