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What Is and How It Works?

Once one of the most renowned free high-definition movie streaming services available, had a great run until it was forced to shut down due to copyright law enforcement fines. Despite no longer being available or even searchable in most browsers, the site still exists and can be accessed with the help of tools such as proxy servers. To find out more about how to access, keep on reading!

Why Do You Need a Proxy for

Now that you understand the purpose of and what people use it for, let us discuss how proxies can improve your user experience. A proxy server is essentially an intermediary between your device and other servers on the internet. It can hide your IP address and provide you with an alternative IP address that cannot be traced back to you. This is useful when accessing websites while wanting to remain anonymous, such as when using to watch copyrighted content.

Using a proxy also safeguards your identity and prevents your IP address from being associated with any criminal activities. Additionally, it provides you with multiple IP addresses to use for multiple sites. Moreover, proxies filter traffic before it reaches your device, helping to protect you against viruses and other malicious content.

So, which proxies are the best for

What Are the Best Proxies for

If you need a proxy for, you must decide which type to use. Premium datacenter and residential proxies are the recommended options and a reliable provider can guarantee that they are private (just for you) and will not be shared with anyone else. Residential proxies use IP addresses from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and are more secure than datacenter proxies, which are generated from cloud services. However, datacenter proxies tend to be cheaper and have faster upload and download speeds. Consider your needs and choose the best option for you. We offer high-quality residential and datacenter proxies to ensure a smooth experience on


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Proxy

When you use, a proxy server masks your IP address by replacing it with a new one, providing you with the benefit of protecting your identity and keeping your device safe.

Which proxies are the best for It depends on your needs, but private residential and datacenter proxies are known to provide fast, secure, and reliable service.