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Why Use Proxies for DuckDuckGo?

A proxy server can enable DuckDuckGo users, especially SEO professionals and companies, to maximize the search engine’s potential. Let’s take a moment to understand what DuckDuckGo and proxy servers are before we discuss how to do this.

What Is DuckDuckGo?

DuckDuckGo is gaining in popularity as an alternative to Google search due to its commitment to user privacy. Unlike Google and other search engines, DuckDuckGo does not track, mine, or package user data for sale to advertisers, allowing users to browse without the fear of targeted ads. This search engine also does not track its users, regardless of browsing mode, and searches are not connected to users in any way, not even by IP address. As a result, users are provided with the same search results for any keyword from any location, protecting them from hackers and malware. DuckDuckGo is often referred to as a hybrid search engine due to its use of multiple APIs from various providers. Thanks to its privacy and security features, billions of people consider it to be the safest search engine available.

What Is a Proxy?

Proxies provide an extra layer of protection for your online activities and can help you remain anonymous while browsing the web. By masking your IP address and location, they prevent hackers, advertisers, and other malicious entities from tracking your activities and accessing your personal information. Even though DuckDuckGo already provides a certain level of privacy protection, proxies can help you stay even more secure online.

Reasons to Use a Proxy with DuckDuckGo

Using a proxy can be beneficial for SEO experts and agencies when scraping keywords from DuckDuckGo. This is because DuckDuckGo has various measures in place to block web scraping bots from accessing the search engine. The proxy can prevent the search engine from detecting and blocking the bot by rotating multiple IP addresses and using different ones at different intervals. Additionally, a proxy gives users the ability to access any website on DuckDuckGo, even if it is restricted in their country or place. As a search engine that is focused on user privacy and security, this is a great way of allowing SEO experts to use web scraping bots on DuckDuckGo without any disruption.

How to Choose the Best Proxy for DuckDuckGo

If you need to scrape web data from DuckDuckGo or any other source, residential proxies are the most secure solution. ProxyCompass offers rotating residential proxies to ensure your bot and IP address stay undetected and unblocked. Alternatively, datacenter proxies provide fast connections, but are not as safe as residential proxies.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About DuckDuckGo Proxy

No provider offers proxies that are specifically designed for DuckDuckGo, so any proxy that works for the search engine can be referred to as a DuckDuckGo proxy. DuckDuckGo employs certain measures to prevent scraping, but a DuckDuckGo proxy is a great way to bypass these restrictions and enjoy unlimited scraping while keeping the user’s private data, IP address, and location secure.

DuckDuckGo does not gather any personal data from its users, which includes their IP address. Therefore, yes, this search engine shields your IP.