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What Is DVT Gaming?

Are you the owner of an online gaming platform? You may have noticed that your competitors have been able to draw in large numbers of gamers, which can be a challenge in the face of competition. Have you ever wondered how they manage to do it?

One way is to get your game to the top of the popular rating platforms. These sites are popular among game enthusiasts, who are always looking for new games to play. You can advertise your server on these sites, and if a user likes it, they can upvote it, ranking it higher.

You don’t have to wait for people to play and upvote your game before it can rank higher. You can use DVT Gaming to send votes in order to increase your ranking on certain voting sites. DVT Gaming is a secure platform that protects users’ privacy, but also collects cookies and caches to improve the user experience. It can be used to upvote not just games, but any website on popular voting sites, such as Top100Arena, OpenWow, XtremeTop100, TopG, WowStatus, and GTop100. You can use the platform to send multiple orders simultaneously to vote on several sites at once.

Why Do You Need Proxies With DVT Gaming?

Starting a private World of Warcraft server and wanting to rank it? DVT Gaming can help you get the votes you need from players. Not enough players? Automation options like bots and proxies can take care of the voting for you. Proxies are particularly useful when you need to collect votes for your gaming server without getting caught, as they hide your IP address and encrypt any data sent and received. This way, you can make multiple requests from the same device without being blocked as suspicious bot behavior. DVT Gaming has been helping players rank their servers since 2015, and is now one of the most reliable voting services. With their help, you can get the votes you need to rank your server and attract more players.

What Are the Best Proxies for DVT Gaming?

Are you curious about which proxy servers are the most suitable for DVT Gaming? Residential proxies are the superior choice here as they are hard to detect and identify due to being assigned by Internet Service Providers (ISPs). However, if you’re not doing a lot of voting, datacenter proxies can be used as an alternative. These proxies are not linked to any ISP, but rather to data servers, making them easily traceable.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About DVT Gaming Proxies

DVT gaming works best with rotating proxies, as they provide different IP addresses for each vote cast.

Residential and datacenter proxies are the ideal choice for playing Digital Video Games, as they guarantee anonymity.