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What Does a Proxy Do in Epic Games?

If you want to access Epic Games from anywhere, anytime, a reliable proxy server can be your best friend. With the help of a proxy server, you can purchase and download games that may not be available in your area. Before we get into the advantages of using a proxy for Epic Games, let’s go over what exactly Epic Games and proxy servers are.

What Is Epic Games?

Established in 1991 by Tim Sweeney, Epic Games is an acclaimed video game and software developer based in Cary, NC. Their most celebrated title is Fortnite, which boasts over 80 million monthly active users. Other acclaimed games developed by Epic Games include Infinity Blade, Bulletstorm, and Shadow Complex. Through their Epic Games Store, you can find a broad selection of both free and premium games from various developers. To purchase and download a game, you will need to install the Epic Games Launcher.

The Unreal Engine is also a popular product of Epic Games. As reported in the Guinness World Records, it is the most successful video game engine of all time.

What Is a Proxy Server?

By using a proxy server, you can hide your IP address and location when accessing Epic Games. This prevents your online activity from being traced back to you, allowing for greater levels of anonymity and security.

Benefits of Using a Proxy with Epic Games

Using a reliable proxy server is the perfect solution if you want to access Epic Games from your workplace or school, or access games that are not available in your region. Here are the major benefits of using a proxy for Epic Games:

Bypassing geo-restrictions: If a game is only available in certain regions during the testing period, the proxy will provide you an IP address from a supported country, making the Epic Games server think you are accessing the site from that location, and enabling you to access the game.

Bypassing school and workplace web filters: A proxy server can help bypass web filters imposed by schools and workplaces, allowing students and employees to access Epic Games.

Improved online security and privacy: With a proxy, your IP address will be masked, keeping your identity anonymous and protecting your device and data from hackers and malware attacks.

Reduced lag: By choosing a premium proxy server with an IP address from a location that’s closer to the Epic Games servers, you can reduce latency and enjoy smoother gameplay.

What Are the Best Epic Games Proxies?

If you’re looking for proxies for Epic Games, ProxyCompass is a great choice. They offer top-notch residential and mobile proxies that are secure and undetectable, as well as fast datacenter proxies at an unbeatable price. Residential and mobile proxies come from real users and ISPs, making them perfect for bypassing geo-restrictions and web filters. Datacenter proxies offer the best internet speeds and low latency, so they’re perfect if you need extra speed. No matter what type of proxy you need, ProxyCompass has you covered.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Epic Games Proxy

When using Epic Games, it is important to ensure that you are using a reliable proxy server from a premium provider. Free proxy servers can put your IP address and other personal information at risk, so they should be avoided.

Epic Games not only supports proxies, but they actually recommend using one to get around school and workplace web filters.