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Is a Proxy Server Good for Gaming?

Speed is the number one concern for gamers, when it comes to both reflexes and internet speed. Nowadays, most gaming is done online, and with the emergence of social distancing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, even professional tournaments have become online-only. Therefore, having a fast broadband connection is paramount to having a successful online gaming experience.

When it comes to the effects of proxies on online gaming, the typical response from gamers is usually negative. However, the answer is not as simple. Proxies have a variety of advantages, such as increased speed and access, and depending on the type of game, a proxy can enhance the initial connection time, loading speed, and provide unrestricted access to servers. Naturally, a slower proxy can add delays, but a high-speed proxy won’t have much of an impact on performance and may even improve the connection in other ways.

Setting Up A Gaming Proxy

Getting started with a gaming proxy is a breeze! Just pick a proxy that meets your needs for location, ping, and other criteria, and set up your devices with the appropriate settings. Although the process is the same for any type of proxy, the specific instructions may vary depending on the device.

We have comprehensive guides on our blog to show you exactly how to get your proxy up and running. Plus, we have a friendly support team that’s always ready to help, so you never have to worry if you run into any issues.

How a Proxy Helps Get Your Game On

When it comes to gaming, proxies offer more than just privacy – they bring performance and access to the table too. Gaming proxies can help with quicker DNS name resolution during the initial connection phase and help with open-world games such as Minecraft. This can shave off precious milliseconds from dynamic loads, possibly making the difference between victory and defeat. Proxy caching is also beneficial for slow server response. It caches some server data that usually doesn’t change, thus speeding up dynamic loading in-game. Although the individual benefits may not seem much, they can have a cumulative effect, resulting in a significant improvement in overall performance.

Have Multiple Accounts

Having a gaming proxy can allow for access to multiple accounts, which can be helpful in a variety of situations. For example, if there are tradable items in the game, one can transfer them between their accounts. This is especially useful when changing devices, switching primary accounts, or doing a backup of inventory. Moreover, with multiple accounts, one can complete multi-person quests, challenges, or achievements, even if playing alone. This is helpful for anyone who desires to achieve every award.

Play Anonymously

A gaming proxy allows you to easily play your favorite games anonymously. Proxies have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their ability to protect user privacy. Using a gaming proxy is a great way to maintain your anonymity if you are concerned about your privacy or just want to enjoy a more relaxed gaming session using a different handle.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Gaming Proxies

A gaming proxy is a type of proxy, either residential or datacenter, that is designed to improve performance while playing online games. These proxies generally have high bandwidth and throughput, as well as larger cache buffers that decrease loading times.

Using gaming proxies can provide many advantages compared to standard connections, such as increased privacy, faster speeds, and access to more servers. Professional gamers may take advantage of these features to hone their skills in various regions or manage multiple accounts.