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How an HTTPS Proxy Works

HTTPS proxies provide enhanced security and privacy online by using various methods to complete a secure connection. Unlike regular HTTP proxies, HTTPS proxies require the browser to go through an additional process to establish a secure connection. This process begins by contacting the server via a specific TCP port. Then, an encryption scheme, such as TLS or SSL, is used to create a trust chain and make sure that no third party is able to eavesdrop on the connection. To achieve this, an HTTPS proxy needs to use one of three methods, namely passive exclusion, authoritative inclusion, or dynamic. Passive exclusion does not use the proxy’s encryption layer, while authoritative inclusion does, creating a secure sub-layer between the proxy and the client. Dynamic HTTPS proxies can switch between the two methods as necessary, making them the most compatible option.

An Example HTTPS Proxy Session

A typical HTTP or HTTPS session involves connecting your device to an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that will assign it a unique IP address for identification on the internet. Every device from computers to cellphones that are connected to the internet have IP addresses for communication.

A regular non-proxy internet connection would look like the diagram below, where the client (your device) is not protected, making your IP address, location, and machine details visible and available for anyone to see. In this example, the ISP is only a bridge across the internet, not a shield.

Now, let’s take a look at an HTTPS proxy connection. In this diagram, the proxy intercepts traffic coming from your device and relays it to the server and vice-versa, providing a layer of encryption and concealing your actual IP address, geographic area, and machine details. You can configure proxy settings on a per-device basis or globally on your local network at the router level.

Keep in mind that the proxy will ‘see’ every piece of data that it relays between the client and server. For this reason, it is important to thoroughly vet any proxy provider you intend to use with sensitive data. At ProxyCompass, we understand the crucial role that proxies play in digital security, and we are one of the most trusted suppliers on the market. We take our responsibility for your data very seriously, and are proud of our excellent reputation and TrustPilot score.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About HTTPS Proxy

An HTTPS proxy is a relay that sits between your device and the internet, providing extra security by offering compatibility with encryption protocols such as SSL and TLS. At its core, this proxy provides additional privacy measures.

If you need extra security, such as for banking or bypassing geofencing, an HTTPS proxy is the ideal solution. It offers complete anonymity and data encryption, giving you the peace of mind that your information is secure.

Using a HTTPS proxy is much safer than using a non-proxied connection, as it provides added security measures beyond the standard encryption of HTTPS. However, it is important to only buy from a reliable provider, as the proxy will have access to any data that is relayed through it.