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What Is Onward and Why Is It So Popular?

Onward is an exclusive multiplayer virtual reality shooter game for Windows platforms, but plans are in place to port it to Oculus Quest. One of the game’s main attractions is its encouragement of team play among players, with the added ability to communicate via microphones. This feature is unique in that it allows players to hear what others are saying, regardless of whether they are teammates or opponents, depending on their proximity.

Players have access to a tablet that allows them to map out their surroundings. On the tablet, players will be able to see dots in different colors which signify different things. Yellow dots indicate injured teammates, red dots indicate downed teammates, and green dots show the locations of other players. Additionally, some players have the ability to hack into downed tablets to gain insight into the locations of players. Spectators can also join in on public and private matches by using virtual reality goggles.

Proxies are also an integral part of the Onward experience. They are essentially AI-controlled opponents that are used to fill in empty slots in a multiplayer game. These proxies help to make the game more immersive and challenging to the players, thus providing an even more enjoyable experience.

Why Do You Need Proxies for Onward?

A proxy is a must-have for hardcore gamers for various reasons. It can help minimize lag, bypass geo-blocks, and even perform automated tasks on Onward. A proxy works by replacing your IP address with its own and rerouting your internet traffic, allowing you to access Onward servers from any region. It is generally recommended to use a proxy within the same region as the server you are trying to access to minimize lag. For automation tasks, a rotating proxy is best as it can alternate your IP address and avoid detection. While both a proxy and a VPN offer great functionality for Onward gaming, VPNs tend to be slower due to their encryption methods.

What Are the Best Proxies for Onward?

When choosing a gaming proxy, there are several factors to consider, such as budget and purpose. Datacenter proxies and residential proxies are the two most common proxies available today. Residential proxies are more expensive, but offer more reliability since they use IP addresses from real users. Datacenter proxies, on the other hand, are cheaper and faster, but their IP addresses are not as authentic.

At ProxyCompass, we recommend static residential proxies as the best option for gaming. These proxies provide all of the advantages of residential proxies without sacrificing speed. We offer these proxies at affordable prices and have tailored them to meet the needs of gamers.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Onward Proxy

Proxies designed for playing Onward are known as Onward proxies. When using these proxies, all of your game traffic is sent through their servers and you are provided with alternative IP addresses.

Proxies can be very beneficial in several ways. Firstly, they help to minimize lag and latency issues. Additionally, they allow gamers to circumvent geo-blocking.