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ProxyCompass Pricing Comparison With SmartProxy

When it comes to price, SmartProxy is one of the more affordable proxy providers. This gives it a competitive edge in the market when compared to more established companies. For customers, pricing is a key factor in choosing the right provider, and they usually prefer a service that offers a balance of reliability and affordability.

When comparing SmartProxy to ProxyCompass, the latter stands out as being much more competitively priced. Residential proxies start at $12.5 per GB with SmartProxy, while with ProxyCompass they start at just $7 per GB. Furthermore, when buying more traffic, the cost of residential proxies can go down to as little as $1.75 per GB with ProxyCompass. This huge price difference can be seen in the majority of packages from both providers.

ProxyCompass is the better option for customers who are looking for quality proxies without having to spend a lot of money. SmartProxy may be reliable, but its proxies come with a higher price tag and fewer features.

Why It’s Worth Considering SmartProxy Alternatives

SmartProxy may have a good track record when it comes to meeting customer expectations, however, there are better options available. Firstly, you can find more affordable services with similar features, such as ProxyCompass. Furthermore, SmartProxy does not offer SOCKS5 support, which is a key feature of any premium proxy service provider. This protocol is known for its speed and versatility, far exceeding the capabilities of HTTP/HTTPS.

How Is ProxyCompass as a SmartProxy Alternative?

If you’re looking for a reliable and cost-effective alternative to SmartProxy, ProxyCompass is the perfect choice for you. Our residential proxies offer a wide range of features at an unbeatable price and are of the highest quality. With us, you are guaranteed state-of-the-art, ethically sourced proxies that provide maximum functionality. Our packages are far more affordable than SmartProxy and other providers, and they come with SOCKS5 support, effective customization plans, excellent proxy performance, diverse proxy types, 99.9% uptime, and 24/7 customer support!


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About IPRoyal – One of the Best Alternatives to SmartProxy

ProxyCompass is an excellent alternative to SmartProxy, as it makes up for the latter’s shortcomings. SmartProxy is a legitimate proxy service provider with a good reputation, but its plans are not suitable for small businesses and individual users, as they are expensive and do not offer SOCKS5 support.

If you switch to ProxyCompass from Smartproxy, you won’t regret it. You’ll benefit from extra features like SOCKS5 support, all for a great price.