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What Is Splitgate and Why Is It So Popular?

Splitgate, an online shooter game developed by 1047 Games in 2019, is available on Windows, Linux, Xbox, and PlayStation platforms. It is a free-to-play game where players can create portals to either travel or shoot through them. Upon release, the game quickly gained popularity and was downloaded by over 600,000 players, causing a server crash due to the unexpected player count.

Splitgate has various casual game modes such as Deathmatch, King of the Hill, and Domination. In Deathmatch, six players battle it out with unlimited respawns, and the first player to reach a certain number of kills wins the game. In King of the Hill, players must capture and protect a specific area to gain points. Domination is similar to King of the Hill, but there are several points to capture. Additionally, in Team Shotty Snipers, only shotguns and snipers are allowed. These modes can be played with up to 8 players, split into two teams.

Three versus three player modes include Showdown and Takedown. In Takedown, teams need to eliminate the entire enemy team to gain a point. In Showdown, player load-outs are rotated, and the team that wins the most rounds wins the game. Lastly, featured games are also rotated periodically.

Splitcoins, the in-game currency, can be obtained through the item shop or through rewards such as referrals and logging in daily.

Now that you have a rough idea of the Splitgate gameplay and mechanics, let us explore how these can be improved with the help of proxies.

Why Do You Need Proxies for Splitgate?

It is no secret that Splitgate is immensely popular with gamers around the world. However, the game is limited in some regions due to government policies. But don’t worry, there is a way to play your favorite game even when you travel abroad. All you need to do is use a proxy to hide your actual IP address and use an alternative one from a region with no restrictions.

But what if you have a fast internet connection but still experience lagging during the game? The problem might not be the speed of your connection, but the distance between you and the game server and the number of nodes in the connection chain. If the server is located farther away, your internet traffic will be going through several nodes before reaching the final server. In this case, a proxy can help by rerouting your internet traffic and providing a more direct connection to the Splitgate server.

You might be wondering if a VPN can do the same job as a proxy. While partially true, VPNs tend to be slower due to their data encryption methods, making proxies the better choice for gamers.

So, what are the best proxies for Splitgate gaming? Read on to find out.

What Are the Best Proxies for Splitgate?

Are you looking for a dependable Splitgate proxy but don’t know which one to choose from the numerous options available? ProxyCompass has the perfect solution for you – our dedicated gaming proxies are tailored to meet all your Splitgate needs. We highly recommend static residential proxies for Splitgate since they use IP addresses from actual people, making them indistinguishable from other genuine players’ traffic. On top of that, we offer these proxies at amazing prices!


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Splitgate Proxy

Splitgate Proxies are designed to help protect your online identity and privacy while playing the game. By hiding your IP address, these tools provide various advantages, including increased anonymity.

Proxies serve as an intermediary between Splitgate servers and the user, helping to reduce latency and lag issues. Additionally, these proxies can be used to bypass regional blocking policies.