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What Are ISP proxies?

If you haven’t heard of ISP proxies, you’re not alone. At first glance, you might assume they are relays that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) uses to connect you to the Internet. But ISP proxies are actually a particular type of proxy that receive IP addresses from your ISP residential allotment. These residential addresses offer greater security and fewer blocks when accessing particular sites or services.

Unlike traditional anonymous proxies, which change IP addresses after each session, static ISP proxies provide a static address so you can benefit from greater protection when streaming media, banking online, or shopping. This is because websites and services monitor IP addresses linked to accounts to prevent hacking and fraud, and they are more likely to flag suspicious behavior with dynamic IPs.

Thousands of Residential IPs Worldwide

You may not pay much attention to your IP address when going about your daily online activities, but it can make a big difference when it comes to certain tasks. Depending on the type of IP address or its geographical location, access to certain services may be restricted. With our expansive residential proxy network, you will have the freedom to pick your proxy location with unerring precision. Our user-friendly proxy dashboard makes it easy to switch locations with just a few clicks. Make the best choice for your specific needs and enjoy the power of having full control over your IP address.

Top advantages of ISP proxies

Static ISP proxies offer a range of benefits, including extra protection against detection and precise location selection. These proxies come from the residential branch, meaning they appear as consumer-level devices and avoid blocklists. This makes them ideal for streaming media providers that take a dim view of proxies. Furthermore, the accuracy of these IP addresses allows for better control when it comes to location selection. This feature is useful for both work and play, allowing you to choose the regional content you want to stream or gather demographics for your business. With the global nature of the internet now within reach, static ISP proxies are the perfect solution.

Fast, Secure, Affordable

In the past, you were forced to make a difficult decision between speed, security, and affordability. ProxyCompass has broken this mold by offering a fast, secure, and inexpensive network that you can rely on.

If you’re looking for a top-notch proxy, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our team is ready to assist you in selecting the perfect proxy to meet your requirements.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Static ISP Proxies

ISP proxies are a special type of proxy that have IP addresses within a residential network. These proxies are practically undetectable, as they appear just like any other customer of the ISP.

Using a static ISP proxy can be beneficial for any task that requires anonymity, such as online shopping, banking, data scraping, or streaming. It provides good protection for your account without causing much of a delay in most cases.

Today, most Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will assign dynamic IP addresses through DHCP by default. Although some ISPs offer static IPs for an additional fee, they do not provide any additional security. A static ISP proxy, however, offers extra protection and a fixed IP address at a much more affordable price.