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What is StrawPoll?

StrawPoll is an online platform designed to collect public opinion on a particular matter in a swift and easy manner. Its intuitive design allows users to set up polls in minutes, with various options available such as private and public polls, as well as templates for easier survey selection. With StrawPoll, individuals and organizations alike can quickly gather input from multiple people anonymously or publicly to make informed decisions. Unfortunately, this platform can be easily manipulated through automation, such as using bots and proxies to control the outcome of polls. Although StrawPoll has attempted to counter these techniques, it has yet to find an effective solution. As a result, many users are able to use Python to create bots and vote multiple times on the platform.

Proxies for StrawPoll

Using residential proxies is the best option when manipulating votes on StrawPoll since they appear to be coming from an actual device with a genuine ISP-issued internet connection. This makes it almost impossible for the platform to detect the proxy. Also, using a rotating residential proxy will change your IP address after each vote, further hiding your activity. However, you should be careful to select reliable proxies, as StrawPoll claims to detect bots and proxies, and you risk getting banned if detected.

ProxyCompass – One of the Best StrawPoll Proxies

If you’re looking for a reliable proxy solution for your StrawPoll needs, look no further than ProxyCompass. Our residential proxies allow you to customize your location and the number of rotating proxies, so you can cast your votes without getting detected. Get in touch with us today and find out how it works!


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About StrawPoll Proxy

StrawPoll has a safeguard in place that prevents users from the same IP pool from voting more than once. To be able to vote multiple times, you need to use rotating residential proxies, which provide you with a variety of IP addresses.

You can cast numerous votes with the help of voting bots and genuine residential proxies.