Ad rotator

Ad Rotator is a computer program used to manage the delivery and rotation of online advertisements. It is mainly used on websites to provide advertising to both users and advertisers. It works by rotating different ads through a designated area, such as a banner, in a predefined order.

The Ad Rotator is typically embedded with HTML code on a web page, allowing advertisers to display ads in the web page without having to manually insert each ad. The Ad Rotator works by retrieving ads from an online advertising network or an advertiser’s ad server, and cycling through them in order or in a randomised fashion, depending on the preferences set by the webmaster.

Ad rotators can be used to display banners, logos, text ads and even videos in an attractive and user-friendly manner. This improves the viewer’s experience and encourages them to click on ads more often. Advertisers are also given the power to target their desired audience, as the ad rotator is capable of displaying ads according to specific demographic information.

The Ad Rotator is a valuable tool for both advertisers and webmasters alike, since it provides an efficient way to manage, track, and target online advertisements. It allows for a more cost-effective ad structure, reducing the time and resources needed to keep a website’s ad strategy current.

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