Android app

Android apps are computer applications that are specifically designed to run on the Android operating system, developed for mobile devices and tablets. Android apps are usually developed using the Android Software Development Kit (SDK), and utilize code written in Java.

Android applications allow mobile device owners to access a wide variety of applications. These apps can fall into categories such as productivity, games, navigation, social networking, entertainment, news, and much more. Additionally, apps can be developed to customize the look and feel of the Android device, as well as to narrow the user experience down to specific interests.

Android apps may also include many features that are unique to the platform, such as support for vibration, rotation of the device, and touch-screen navigation. Some apps can take advantage of external hardware available on the device, such as a camera or GPS.

In order to create Android applications, developers must typically be familiar with the Android SDK and its related languages, including Java. Many open-source libraries are available which provide features that are not available natively, such as support for additional databases and graphical effects.

It is also possible to write applications that run on Android compatible devices with a variety of other languages, such as HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, and using frameworks such as PhoneGap and Appcelerator Titanium.

Android applications are available in the Google Play store, which is the official repository for Android apps. Developing Android apps requires a developer account, which has an associated fee. Developers are also able to distribute Android applications through their own websites and other third-party services.

Generally, the user must grant permissions for each application to access system resources such as contacts, location, etc. There are also a wide variety of open-source applications available for users to explore.

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