Annoyware is a form of computer software that is specifically designed to be philosophically annoying to users. Its main purpose is to deliberately and intentionally disrupt normal computer usage, either through intrusive adverts or simply preventions of the user’s desired action. Annoyware can often be found bundled with an otherwise acceptable application as a means of enticing the user to upgrade to a more expensive version with fewer annoyances.

In many cases, Annoyware does not pose any threat to the system as a whole. It may, however, cause the user significant frustration by persistently displaying ads, messages or pop-ups that prevent the user from accessing their desired content. Annoyware is often used to trick users into installing unwanted and potentially malicious applications or services that the user would not have otherwise installed.

To combat Annoyware, there are some software programs, such as Adware and Spyware blockers, that are designed to detect Annoyware and block it from running. Many computer users also opt to use an ad-free web browser, such as Firefox or Chrome, which are designed to block Annoyware-type adverts.

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