Assertion is a computer programming language construct designed to facilitate automated testing. It is used to define a set of conditions that must be met when running a program. It verifies that the program is behaving as expected by the programmer.

An assertion is a statement that verifies a condition. Generally, these statements are used within a program to indicate that the condition they are verifying is true. Assertions provide the programmer with an easy way to check the behavior of the program and detect any issues during development and testing.

When an assertion is triggered, the program will halt and report the issue to the programmer. This can be used to quickly identify and debug a problem that could otherwise be challenging or slow to track down. Assertions help to make sure the program works as intended, and can be especially useful in projects with a large codebase.

Assertions can be either enabled or disabled. When enabled, the assertion code is compiled into the program and will execute at runtime. It is important to ensure that assertions are enabled only when the program is being tested. Otherwise, the assertions will have an overhead which can slow down the program.

Assertion is used in many programming languages, including C, C++, Java, and JavaScript. Each language defines its own syntax for writing assertions, and the assertions that can be made vary between languages. Assertion libraries are available for many programming languages, enabling the programmer to make more sophisticated or reusable assertions than offered by the language itself.

Assertions play an important role in the development and maintenance of software. By making sure that the program is behaving as expected, they can help catch bugs early, reducing the time needed to identify and address issues.

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