Bait advertising

Bait advertising is a form of deceptive marketing tactic used by companies to encourage customers to purchase a product at an advertised price. It is an unethical tactic in which a company entices a consumer with an idea that the product offered is better than what is actually being offered, in terms of quality and price.

The purpose of bait advertising is to create a false sense of urgency in the customer so as to convince them to purchase the item immediately, without doing research on the quality and features of the product. Bait advertising often promotes a product at a low price that is only available for a limited time. This limited time frame encourages customers to purchase the product on impulse instead of taking the time to compare prices, features and quality of similar products available.

Bait advertising can also be used to advertise products that do not actually exist. In this form of deceptive advertising, a company advertises a product or service, but does not actually have the product in stock or is not offering the service they have advertised. Customers are usually lured in by a discount or special offer that is promised in exchange for their purchase. However, once they purchase the product they find out that the company has no intention of fulfilling their promised bargain.

Bait advertising has grown in popularity as web-based and mobile devices become more common. Many consumers are not aware of this form of unethical marketing strategy, and unknowingly fall victim to these tactics. In order to protect oneself from becoming a victim of bait advertising, it is important to do research on features and prices of products before you purchase them. This will help ensure that you are getting the product you want, at the best possible price.

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