Bandwidth throttling

Bandwidth throttling is the intentional limiting of the speed or bandwidth of data transfer between two endpoints. Bandwidth throttling is commonly used by Internet service providers (ISPs) in order to control network traffic and provide a better user experience. It is also used by hosting providers to limit customers’ bandwidth usage and ensure that all customers receive the same speed and quality of service.

Throttling can be used to limit the speed of individual users’ traffic, or to limit the amount of bandwidth used by a group of users. It can also be used to limit the amount of data transferred between different applications. Common applications of throttling include streaming audio and video, online gaming, and peer-to-peer file sharing.

The use of bandwidth throttling has become increasingly popular as ISPs are able to better allocate resources and improve user experience, while allowing them to market different tier plans. For a customer, the benefits of bandwidth throttling include stability of internet services, improved stability of connection speeds, and fewer cases of congestive packet loss.

Due to its impact on performance, throttling can be seen as a controversial subject. Concerns have been raised about its potential for abuse by ISPs, with users citing fairness and net neutrality issues. Additionally, throttling can have an adverse effect on customers’ experience, as connections may be slower than expected, particularly during peak times or when large files are being downloaded.

Despite its potential issues, bandwidth throttling is an important tool for ISPs to ensure reliable and secure access to their networks. It is also an important part of a provider’s overall strategy to manage the bandwidth needs of their customer base.

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