Bluesnarfing is a type of attack that is used on mobile phones and Bluetooth enabled devices. It is a form of wireless hacking that involves the use of Bluetooth technology to access data stored on the victim’s device.

The process of bluesnarfing relies on an attacker being within range of the victim’s wireless device, generally about 30 feet away, and using specialized software to access and extract data from the victim’s device without their permission. The attacker can then use the data collected to further infiltrate the victim’s device or to engage in malicious activities.

The primary targets of bluesnarfing are phones and other Bluetooth enabled devices, as these devices are typically not secured as heavily as regular computers and often contain information that can be easily accessed and exploited by an attacker. This information can range from contact information, calendar events, and personal photos, to more sensitive data such as account usernames and passwords.

To prevent bluesnarfing, users are encouraged to keep all their wireless devices up to date with the latest security updates, and to always use secure passwords that are difficult to guess. Additionally, users should disable Bluetooth whenever it is not in use and ensure that their devices are set to ‘undiscoverable’, so that attackers are not able to detect and access their devices without permission.

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