Bot herder

Bot Herder

Bot Herder is an online tool or utility for controlling, managing, and monitoring Internet bots or malware. Bot herders are cybercriminals that manipulate a network of automated programs, or bots, for various malicious activities, such as spamming, launching distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, password cracking, and credential stuffing. Bot herders typically use a variety of techniques to control these bots, including finding and exploiting vulnerable computers or software, using exploits or remote access tools to access the computer, using botnets, and more recently blockchain based-techniques. They also adhere to specific methods to lock-in bots to prevent them from leaving the network.

Bot herders are difficult to identify since they typically operate using a decentralized and distributed infrastructure. However, some of the signs that can be used to identify bot herders are automated network scanning, large amounts of encrypted traffic with suspicious communication patterns, and malware command-and-control structures.

Bot herders can be a threat to businesses since they can use their networks to launch various kinds of cyberattacks. Businesses should have comprehensive security solutions in place to detect potential bot herder activities and prevent online attacks.

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