A bot (also known as a web robot, web crawler, or web spider) is a software application that is programmed to complete tasks on the World Wide Web automatically. Bots are designed to complete a specific action, such as data mining, spreading information, or web indexing. Bots can help improve online experiences by streamlining processes and eliminating manual tasks.

Bots are typically coded in a scripting language such as JavaScript, Python, or Java. They are usually designed to mimic human behavior by using internet protocols such as HTTP/S to access online resources. Bots can generate tasks such as search engine optimization (SEO) and data analysis. The type of task the bot performs depends on its purpose and IT environment.

Bots can have malicious intent and are often used to spread spam and malware. They are also used to bypass online security checks and to access restricted websites.

The use of bots is becoming increasingly more widespread as they are used in areas such as artificial intelligence (AI), customer service, and medical fields. Bots are also used to perform repetitive tasks, such as web scraping and online gaming, in order to save time and energy.

The use of bots has caused both debate and discussion with concerns over privacy and efficacy. Bot security measures are in place to ensure the safe, legal, and effective use of bots.

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