Bundler is a software package manager in the Ruby community. It is used to track, install, and manage application and library components that are necessary for an application to run. Bundler allows Ruby programmers to easily manage third-party libraries and dependencies.

Bundler was created by Carl Lerche, R. Bernstein, Ye Huang, and Wayne E. Seguin in 2010. The main goals of Bundler were to create a more reliable and repeatable way to work with Ruby applications, as well as to contribute to the success of the Ruby project community. It has grown from being used and endorsed by organizations like Engine Yard and GitHub to an increasingly popular package manager.

Bundler works by consolidating the versions for each library an application needs during the application’s setup process. This essentially brings together all the dependent versions of libraries into a single self-contained environment that does not conflict when used. In general, Bundler also speeds up the development process by understanding what tools and libraries an application needs, and then making sure they are all consistent and up to date. Bundler also allows users to install different versions of packages on a per-project basis.

Overall, Bundler is a very useful tool for Ruby developers, as it provides a way to easily manage the various components of an application and ensures the consistency and reliability of the whole system.

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